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The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford
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Sep 23, 2012

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Read from September 19 to 23, 2012

Is this a Kissing Book? I think this one has described all kinds of kisses than any other YA book I've read. It should be titled The Trouble with Kisses. Or make that The Trouble With Soulmates.. because the story brings the term soulmates to a whole new level.
The relationship of Vance & Portia actually scares me. While I am happy to find someone who is right for me, I don't think I'll be happy to know that my partner is doomed to literally die of heartbreak when I am gone, or vice versa for that matter. What they have is extremely intense and I do not envy it. There is also a trace of over-sentimentality in some dialogues that I find too mature for a just turned 16 year old protagonist. And just for the record, the excitement & novelty of a new couple sharing passionate kisses faded quite quickly after reading about it too many times. It has become redundant. I get it already, they're IN LOVE. Every kiss they share is SPECIAL. I KNOW ALREADY. OKAY!?
So, aside from the kissing and their rather disturbing attachment to each other, the book is not that bad. The storyline goes from romantic to sinister. A coven of witches and warlocks is protecting Vance from his warlock-turned demon dad. Vance falls in love with Portia, the newest and 13th member of the coven. Portia, a witch with strong powers, feels the same way with Vance. They cast a binding spell as they were too young to get married, but the spell makes it emotionally and mentally difficult to be physically separated from each other. This same drawback however, is what helps Portia and Vance triumph over a life and death situation. The ending was actually a good resolution, with just the right cliffhanger scene to interest a reader to follow Portia and Vance's love story.

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