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An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken
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Jan 20, 2009

it was ok
Read in December, 2008

Grim & painful retelling of a still birth experienced by a couple of contemp. authors (American and British) while living in France.
I started w/ out knowing anything about it as I liked the title. Finished it in a day. Odd that they named the unborn child Pudding and even craved that onto it's grave stone. I felt as though I was reading a "Writer's" diary. It only made me think of those sadder losses - parents' loss of their children that they have had a real, living relationship with.
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Beverly I do not usually comment on stranger's book reviews, but this book is very personal to me as I, too, have delivered a stillborn son. I have to say I took offense to the implication that you can rank the level of sadness of a person's loss. I read your review and thought that you have obviously not had or known anyone close to you who has had a stillborn child. The loss is very real, and very traumatic. I also have friends who have lost children with whom they have had 'a real, living relationship with'. They do not consider their heartache 'sadder' than mine. Because, what ANY parent who looses a child (stillborn or not) is mourning is not only the child's death, but also all the milestones that have been planned in the parents' minds, but will never happen. That mourning happens no matter when the death occurs. I think you are entitled to your opinion about the book, but I find your last statement somehow minimizes the grief felt by those of us who have lost a child in utero. My son was a real child. He had perfect fingers, toenails, eyebrows, lips and everything else. My grief is still real (yesterday was the anniversary of his birth/death), and I hope with all of my heart that you or anyone you are close to will never have to experience the depth of that grief. I do not mean to offend, just to make aware. I apologize if it has come across as any other way.

Noah What an idiotic review! Missmmking, I think you need to take more than a day and read the book again. You missed the whole point of the book--and it seems quite obvious to me that you don't have a child. What's "funny" about your review is the fact that you fit perfectly with all the people McCracken talks about who just don't get it. If nothing else, go back and read the scene in which McCracken and her husband meet their little boy for the first and last time. My god...

Tracie Schwertley Obviously you have no idea of what it means to give birth to a baby who dies, and I'm happy for your ignorance. Your review is extremely thoughtless.

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Jill I don't usually comment on others comments but as a counselor, I have worked with women who have lost stillborn babies. The loss to them is so painful and real, maybe even more so because of people who think they shouldn't be grieving so much. Who think as you seem to, that the loss wasn't "real". It is their child and the loss is extremely painful. To suggest anything less is hurtful to all those families who have lost a baby too soon.

Marcie What a terrible and hurtful thing to say. I had a lot more to say about your careless comments, but after reading the others realized it had already been said for me.

Jackie Starke What I don't understand is why you read this book in the first place. You obviously have no idea what its like to lose a child, let alone a baby who was much wanted and love long before they were born. The length of time a child is on this earth has no bearing on the amount of love a parent feels for that child. Based on your review I have to wonder if you honestly read this book, or if you just read a summary somewhere or the excerpt in O magazine, and why you felt the need to write a review. Unless it was generate replies from people you've never met. I dunno. I just don't get it.

Missmmking I am sorry if I offended anyone with my review of this book. I was shocked by the harsh comments towards me - that I found here in response to it. I did not mean to imply that any parent's loss (those who share the experience of the author here) is to be ignored or diminished. I know loss. I do have complete empathy for those that suffer any losses: be they love, child, friend, or relative. I am sorry my words were misconstrued.

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