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Evasion by CrimethInc.
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Jan 06, 09

I really hate "Mac Evasion", the guy who wrote this. And I'm basing it on my personal interactions with him. I read the majority of this book in its original zine form, and I thought it was relatively cool: in that it was heavily illustrated with borrowed photos. Although I am a vegan and extremely tolerant of "straight-edgers" (I actually like to encourage it in others and some times even myself), his attitude toward women is hardly any different than a drunken fratboy/jock. He once spoke to a group of fledgling anarchists in Lawrence, Kansas and to promote his book, openly voiced his disdain at them for being some thing that they actually were NOT. "I didn't write this for you, I wrote it for the poor lonely outsider that feels trapped in a suburb in the middle of nowhere" (or something like that). Like Lawrence was great Metropolis and as if Kansas WASN'T in the middle of nowhere! Like all these kids, politically precocious as they were, had a master's degree in dumpster diving and shoplifting- which almost none of them did. I think there were about three shoplifters and just a few more habitual dumpster divings in a room of 2 dozen, I being the worse of them of course! So all these people that he misjudged and insulted had no real idea of what the "evasion"/CrimethInc. life was all about, except me of course and maybe one or two others.
So basically, he's just an all around jerk. However, this an interesting piece of historical documentation of a lifestyle that was already becoming a widespread phenomena among priviledged white dorks like Mac Evasion... ten years after people like me were already doing it of course!
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Shannon Interesting. But kind of disappointing. I mean, I did get the impression from the book that he's kind of an entitled douche (if entitled is the right word- kind of just judgmental and arrogant about his lifestyle). What about his attitude toward women, specifically, was fratboyish? Just wondering. Someone commented on my review and asked if the chapter about the "girlfriend scam" was published and I'm wondering if it had to do with that.

Also what does he look like?? I just picture this young scruffy white kid. Though he can't be that young, anymore. I wonder if he still lives like this...according to all his grand morals. Hmm.

I really am curious about this guy.

Damien From what I remember, he looked like a young W. B. Yeats.

message 3: by Craven (new)

Craven Where are they now?

Damien I have no idea. A few years back there were rumors that he was Peter Young. I didn't know if they were true, since there were also rumors that Henry Rollins came out of the closet, and I really just don't give a flying fuck for Mac or Hank. But I just looked up Peter Young on Google, found a wiki link, and sure enough, the photo on their looks just the way I remember Mr. Evasion.

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