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Shades of Earth by Beth Revis
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Sep 19, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: young-adult, sci-fi, 2013
Read from January 22 to 25, 2013

3 1/2 stars

I was so prepared to give this series conclusion four stars right up until that cheesy ending. I knew it was going to happen, I was hoping it wouldn't but, deep down, I just knew it would. I've given the first two books - Across the Universe and A Million Suns - four and three stars respectively, the latter rating being mainly because I thought the characters lacked development and personality, despite the fact that I love the idea behind the story. On that front, I think Ms Revis finally delivered the character development I've been wanting from the start in Shades of Earth and she served it up alongside fast-paced action, well-placed twists and a nice dose of gore.

Revis isn't afraid to give her characters a hard time, none of them make it to the end of this series unscathed and I like the way this book showcases how far they've come and how different they are now from when we were first introduced to them. Also, though it was necessary for the author to bring the romantic subplot to a head here, I admire her ability to keep it firmly in the background and not let it overtake the main issues which are survival and solving the mysteries of Godspeed, Orion and the new planet. Which brings me nicely to the plot of this final installment.

Elder, Amy and the members of Godspeed who decided to join them on the shuttle finally arrive on the new planet but - surprise! - everything doesn't go according to plan and the planet is found to be hiding numerous dark secrets and deadly creatures. The whole mystery gets even bigger with this volume before it is finally solved, Amy and Elder find themselves questioning the loyalty of those around them and the real reason why the past leader of Godspeed wanted to keep them from landing on this new planet. What is Centauri-Earth hiding? What has happened in the centuries that Godspeed has been hovering in space? And most importantly: who are the real monsters?

This series really is a kind of nerd wish-fulfillment for me. Obviously, not everyone is going to feel the same way as I do and your enjoyment of the story will depend on how much this idea appeals to you. But I love it. I don't fear technology and development... it fascinates me. Not much brings me more excitement than the possibility of discovering other planets and other lifeforms in the future. It is scary, of course it is, going into such uncharted waters as is the far corners of space, but I find it equally thrilling. There are only two places that are still so steeped in mystery that I devour stories about them with wild excitement: space and the human brain. And this series has the first completely covered.

Even though my rating has been hovering somewhere around the middle of the scale on these books, I think I can finally say that I am ready to give this series a thumbs up. If you like young adult books that are big on the mystery and action with less focus on romancing, you should love this series. Even with that cheesefest ending.
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59.0% "This series is far from perfect but there's a little kid in me that just loves the whole idea of it. Getting into a spaceship and discovering a new planet is my equivalent of walking through a wardrobe and into Narnia. So many possibilities."

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Nikki Love the review Emily, I look forward to reading this one soon. I completely agree with this comment: "There are only two places that are still so steeped in mystery that I devour stories about them with wild excitement: space and the human brain." Although the deep sea or oceans in general also qualifies but books about that aren't quite so interesting. =)

Cynthia Good review, and I agree with what you said almost entirely. I was happy with the sort of cornball ending however--I couldn't have brob it if after Amy went through hundreds of years of being frozen and then months of ordeals and trials on Godspeed not to have it end on a positive note! What can I say? I guess I'm just a Pollyanna at heart! :-)

Emily May Haha, thanks Cynthia! I can see what you mean, I suppose Revis had to give poor Amy a break after all that :)

Emily I agree! The ending was unnecessary.

Diana I agree with you about the ending... Sapfest 2013!

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