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Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt
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Oct 03, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, speculative-fiction
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I really don't know how this ended up on my bookshelf. I think it was a "if you like..." recommendation by my paperbackswap account. (If someone else on here is the culprit, I owe you, because this book is damn good.)

I'm 150 pages in, it was just a 'grab for the weekend camping trip car ride' book. I got sucked in, hard.

Marla Mason is the chief sorcerer of Felport, but she's visiting San Fransisco to thwart (yet another) plot on her life. (Sorcerers are nothing if not a backstabbing bunch.) It just dumps you in the action, and... frankly makes you wonder if this is, indeed, the first book, or if you missed a previous installment, because it doesn't explain itself. (If anyone knows the 'thing on the doorstep' trick - please explain it to me. It gets referenced (as a method of body switching/takeover) but doesn't elaborate.)

Yet that's what's intriguging. It doesn't talk down to the reader. And well... the heroine is a bitch. She has to be. She's a politician, general, and practioner all roled into one. Frankly, I keep thinking of Capt. Janeway from Star Trek. Or Hilary Clinton. She doesn't have TIME to be nice and demure. She's got a job to do - so cut to the chase before she cuts your throat.

She's neither a hopeless, dewy ingenue nor a kick-ass superwoman. She neither has every man falling to her feet trying to bed her, or magically has every problem solved with a new power/artifact. It's gritty and real. I'm really enjoying it.

Really liked this. And ok, the "Thing on the Doorstep" refers to a Lovecraft short story.
They finally tell you at the end. There's a lot of moments like that in the book, but it makes you want to read more.
I'm already halfway through the second book now. This series is kick ass!

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