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Nov 01, 12

Read from October 17 to November 01, 2012

Justin Cronin is a masterful storyteller. He writes characters like no one else. One of my favorite things he does as a writer is when he introduces you to a new character, he doesn't tell you about the person. He shows you. And I love that.

The reason I'm giving this book three stars is I feel like the last half of the book got sloppy. Maybe he was on a time crunch, maybe it's due to the fact that these books weren't supposed to be a trilogy in the first place, so he's trying to stretch them out… It doesn't really matter why. It just got confusing toward the end. There were too many story lines and too many characters to keep up with. I also wish that Cronin would have given those of us who read The Passage a long time ago a reminder of how it is that Amy, Alicia, Peter, Michael, Hollis, etc. all know each other. Like many other reviewers have stated there are a lot of coincidences and people knowing things that they shouldn't. It's like the first half of the book has heart, and the second half lost it.

My other disappointments:
- I thought that this book was going to take us far into the future again, and kind of kept waiting the whole book for us to jump hundreds of years down the road, like the first book did, but it never came.
- I read Stephen King's The Stand earlier this year, and realized just how similar these two books are. Right down to content and multiple story lines and a lot of characters. Unfortunately, I thought King did it better. I think what King did that Cronin didn't was pick several characters out of the whole bunch to really focus in on and be looking through their eyes in the different sections. Cronin, just kind of threw everyone in there and at some point during the story just about everyone had a section where we were looking through their eyes. And it's like all of the characters know each other somehow, which just gets confusing and difficult to tell them apart.

In all, though, it is worth a read and I'll definitely be reading the last installment. Got to find out the ending! And hopefully Cronin can pull out a doozy of an ending to this trilogy!
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message 1: by Adam (new) - added it

Adam At long last, "The Twelve" is finally here!!! I hope it's as good as "The Passage" (which will be hard to pull off—as it was amazing). But two years for each book? I think Justin Cronin and Patrick Rothfuss should both be kept safe at a secret location with a medical staff on hand so nothing bad happens while they both take their own sweet time writing. :8^)
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to your review. I've already got the book, but I'm waiting for the right moment to start even though I apparently have two years.

KBev I saw that I'm "currently reading" it, but I actually picked it up and then put it back down. I'm afraid of being really let down by this book. I've heard it's good, but I loved The Passage, so I don't know. I was also put off by it not even being 600 pages. I heard that these books weren't supposed to be a trilogy - it was just supposed to The Passage, but only after it received such praise, they decided to make it a trilogy. Which, to me, has disaster written all over it. So, I got nervous and put it down. :)

message 3: by Adam (new) - added it

Adam Hmmm, good to know. Yeah, The Passage will be tough to match. I'm going to keep an eye on reviews before I crack it open. Until then I'll bask in the thrill of anticipation.


message 4: by Adam (new) - added it

Adam Great review. I'm still looking forward to reading The Twelve, albeit with an air of caution and circumspection. Maybe if I lower my expectations I'll be surprised. :/

KBev Sorry! I thought about waiting to write this review until after you had read it, but then I forgot and posted it anyways. :/ I mean, it's still a good book, just, not everything I was hoping for. But I think I had really high expectations.

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