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Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy
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Jan 03, 2009

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Contemporary romance fans
Read in May, 2009

5+ stars – Contemporary Romance/Erotica

This is one of those books where I doubt a review is really necessary because considering how fantastic the first book in the ‘Fast Track’ series, “Flat-Out Sexy”, was and given the sexy-as-sin cover; it’s a no-brainer that even if it received bad reviews, I’d still have read it anyway and attempted to keep from drooling over the hunk-a-licious stud on the cover in the process.

But, it’s actually a great read and has lots going for it besides the hottastic book jacket. Like for instance great characters, Erin McCarthy’s clever and funny dialogue, sweet romance, and numerous touching, tender moments that actually make you sigh out loud.

“Flat-Out Sexy” is one of my all time favorite contemporary romances, so I’ve been waiting impatiently for “Hard and Fast” and had high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint. The romance between Ty and Imogen is cute, yet scorching hot. Although Elec is still my #1 favorite, Ty is swoon-worthy in his own right and runs a very close second. Imogen is fresh and funny and a truly original heroine. The two of them together are pure, combustible magic.

So, go ahead, indulge guilt free and read “Hard and Fast” because there’s more to it than just the perfect pecs and know you wanna! 5 stars!
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Auntee I think we're in agreement here!:) Erin McCarthy's on a real winning streak with this series!

Shawna Yeah, it's a sexy fab series! I wonder what she's planning for the next book? (I didn't find anything on her website.) Maybe Ryder's and/or Suzanne's story? Or Evan's? Hmmmm....can't wait.

Auntee I think it's Ryder and Suzanne up next.
I'd like to read about Evan too!

message 4: by Barbara (last edited May 09, 2009 10:13AM) (new)

Barbara I've never heard of this author...yikes, I have a feeling I've missed out! I'm going right now and writing her name and this series on my list of books to buy next at the store. What's the name of the first book in the series, and what other books of hers to you like?

Shawna The first book in Erin McCarthy's 'Fast Track' series is called "Flat-Out Sexy" and features a seriously sweet, sexy hunk named Elec Monroe (one of my all time favorite romantic heroes). This is the second book in that series. I've heard great things about her other contemporary romance books as well, but haven't read any others yet.

Holly I can't wait to get my greedy claws into this book. I loved Flat Out Sexy and am so glad that Hard and Fast seems to be another winner!

Shawna Holly, I'd much rather prefer to wrap my greedy claws around the hunktastic stud on the cover, but staring at him nonstop while reading was fun too! LOL! Enjoy!

message 8: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Thanks Shawna =)

message 9: by Daisiemae (new)

Daisiemae Great Review, Shawna:)

message 10: by Holly (last edited May 09, 2009 09:05PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly Hmmm. It's close. I'm staring at both covers right now and I think I still prefer the guy from Flat Out Sexy.

Shawna Thanks ladies!

I'm still pretty partial to the Flat-Out Sexy cover too Holly!

Miss Kim My husband is jealous of these covers. The other night he was insistent that they are both the same model. He might be right, but who cares! LOL

Miss Kim Auntee wrote: "I think it's Ryder and Suzanne up next.
I'd like to read about Evan too!"

I'd rather read Evan's story vs. Suzanne & Ryder. She's not my fav.

message 14: by Shawna (last edited May 11, 2009 11:05AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shawna Kim, my husband teased me pretty good about the cover too. He's like...what's the big deal about him? I'm like, you're joking right? Do you not see his killer "v" muscles? Then he's like, those are love handles. Hmph. LOL!

Miss Kim Love handles...hee hee hee!

Stephanie Well if those are love handles, then I would not mind grabbing a hold of them for a ride!

Auntee Kim wrote: "Auntee wrote: "I think it's Ryder and Suzanne up next.
I'd like to read about Evan too!"

I'd rather read Evan's story vs. Suzanne & Ryder. She's not my fav."

I'm with you on that, Kim. But I know Erin McCarthy will make it good.:)

Tammy Love handles? That made me giggle-snort!

message 19: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tammy..."Giggle Snort"?!?! LMAO!!!!!!

Teryl I'm trying to figure out why Suzanne wanted to divorce Ryder.

Mahlet *g* on your husband's comment, Shawna! that's cute actually :)

Rainbowheart Full disclosure, I really hated this book but I'm a little confused by your hero-mix-of-alpha-beta tag. I must have missed the beta? This guy seemed like a complete dominant alpha to me.

message 23: by Shawna (last edited Apr 29, 2014 05:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shawna I thought he was a nice, sweet, laid-back guy and only bossy/dominant in the bedroom, so therefore a combination of beta and alpha.

Rainbowheart I guess I have a hard time seeing a guy like that as anything other than alpha. The sexual scenes were so overpowering they pretty much canceled out any impression I would have of him as beta. The sleep penetration and unsolicited anal, in particular. I can't imagine a guy who's even a little bit beta engaging in those things.

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