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Ever My Merlin by Priya Ardis
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Sep 18, 2012

did not like it
Read in December, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I don't even have the strength to organize my thoughts into words after reading this book. I have never been so completely disgusted and fed up with a heroine since twilight. Talk about never sticking to her beliefs. I've lost count of how many times she decided to not be a COMPLETE fool but her backbone just flew out the window where Vane was concerned. Seriously I have no problem with Vane or Matt because they were both true to their character to the very end. Even though I was on Team Matt or whatever, I was so glad they didn't end up together. Talk about being better off.

Ryan, Ryan. Reading this in your point of view made me want to blow my brains out was a really trying task, I give you that. Not to mention the fact that you traded Matt's magic without even thinking about what that means for Matt. That mess could be overlooked if you even stopped to apologize just once and acknowledge the fact that being magical is like a part of Merlin. So she basically ripped out a part of him and didn't even care. Then she had the nerve to say if Matt really loved her he would have forgiven her... when she practically already chose Vane. Sometimes I think Ryan is a humongous masochist because I seem to remember Vane being quite abusive in past books. So basically she's not only ridiculously dumb but also potentially harmful to herself!

Then on that bloody road trip with Merlin, that she was specifically NOT invited to by the way, she had the audacity to even suggest that Matt should loosen up and see the sights when he was bloody well trying to save the world. Then, she started ranting on about how Merlin doesn't trust people and actually used those guys on the plane as an example. In case you didn't notice honey, they shouldn't have been trusted. Then when she found out Merlin was smart enough to lie she got pissed because he was just protecting the mission. Obviously Matt wouldn't trust you if you lose your will every time Vane doesn't even breathe the same air.

Ryan is just the most selfish heroine I've ever had the displeasure to meet. At the end where she wanted to go to school so badly what the hell was up with that and just ended up making out with Vane but got caught by Merlin, I don't really remember scenes properly because I'm trying to wipe this book from my memory, but for some inane reason she didn't want to help him with something that could potentially save the world just because she was mad at him! Cue the groans and head-thumping. And her whole deal with Excalibur. She didn't want to wield it but she also didn't want anyone else to wield it. Classic. At least Gia had the sense to not be entirely buddy-buddy with her unlike Ryan's brother, what's-his-name. What the hell was up with that part where he was mad at Matt in the hospital room when Vane was the one who actually chomped down on his sister? Oh right, he was mad that Matt put her in danger. Did I fail to mention that Ryan sneaked into the plane, like a bloody ninja apparently, even though Matt REALLY didn't want her to come? Must have slipped my mind.

For some reason I feel that the author didn't really like Ryan because Matt sometimes voiced my thoughts out, by pointing out her stupidity which Ryan blithely ignored. Must be why I like Matt so much. This book would have been readable because the writer had some interesting plot points. Too bad it was constantly overshadowed by Ryan's lack of brains. I'm kind of hoping the writer would write a new story with even better titles for Matt. Oh and this title was so misleading :( Although I think the author realized that Vane was the more popular vote so she changed up the whole story to somehow gain a little sympathy for Vane even though from the title alone anyone would have thought she would end up with Merlin? Whatever. I can't be arsed anymore. Rant ends here. Farewell, Ryan! I hope we never meet again.
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Carie I totally agree with you that the author seemed to be swayed by fan opinions on Vane to change the story mid-series. Irritating! I was beyond disappointed in this book!! Why on earth call the series "My Merlin"?! And, amen to your take on Ryan!

raindropsandroses I'm so glad someone else understands my pain! Hahaha

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