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The Family Bones by Kimberly Raiser
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Jan 05, 2009

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I received this book over the holidays directly from the author. First, thanks to Kimberly for sending the book my way!

Before I had a chance to pick up the book (yes, I actually finished another book first) my husband picked it up because the cover and title intrigued him. (Note: my hubby doesn't spend his spare time reading..) He picked it up with the intention of reading a few pages, and wound up reading it cover to cover over an afternoon. Then, proceeded to pressure me to hurry up and finish it so that he could discuss it with me. This really says something about the author and the book!

So, I picked it up this morning, and finished it late this afternoon! It was fun to discuss the book with my hubby, and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts and sharing mine. He made me think of things that I had missed. I have actually already toyed with the idea of reading it again before I give this book away to someone else to enjoy.

So, on with it already! The book is about a family that receives a piece of property, 80 acres including a house, via a will from a deceased family member. Steven, his wife Tara, and their two kids, Charlie and Sara head out to check out the house in hopes of moving out of the suburbs. When they arrive, weird things begin to happen to each of them. There are secret passageways and rooms that each of them find themselves in. They each find each other and run away from the place to their safe, secure home in the city, only to find that the horror followed them. The family decides that they have let their imaginations run wild and decide to return to the house in hopes of satisfying their curiosity about the events of the previous visit. Needless to say, things get worse for them.

This is an easy book to read. The pages turn very quickly and I was pulled in right away. I enjoyed the beginning of the book much more than the ending. The book is a little of a roller coaster ride. The pages would turn quickly when I could not wait to find out what was happening to this family. Then, all of the sudden, it would slow up a little and give detail into things that I didn't feel really enhanced the story. But, then things would pick up again. What I was hoping to get out of the book was a little scare. I did not get the heart racing feeling that I had hoped for because during the troubling events that took place, there were funny things happening too. I described it as a little Martha Stewart within a horror story. It was a little odd to be talking about really good cookies in the same story as the events that were unfolding. To be completely fair, you must all know that the events of this story do not jive with my belief system. Therefore, it made the story a little silly! Not bad silly, just silly because these things that happened did not seem believable.

The story is well written and held my attention well. There are a few unanswered questions that the author never really came back to, and left me guessing whether I was correct in my initial reactions to people and events. I could have used a couple more chapters that tied up a few of the loose ends, but I can honestly say that I would like to read other books by this author.

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