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Talking Right by Geoffrey Nunberg
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Jan 27, 09

really liked it
bookshelves: the-world-is-f-cked

This was my "employee pick" while working at a rather elite bookstore on an even more elite street in Boston. Given those conditions, you'd think my recommendation would have garnered some more interest. But 2006 was an "off" year for politics (more like...a year in which we further embraced complacency.) Too bad, because this book is illuminating insofar as it explains how the party of the rich cleverly disgused themselves as the party of the common man by using lingustic tricks. (And, conversely, turned the liberal image into something both wimpy and chronically disapproving...but, to be fair, it's not like they weren't given the material to work with.) This creepy exploration of Orwellian rhetoric is frightening - and, thank god, losing its relevancy as Obama continues to wield a bevy of lingustic tricks all his own.
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Roger Bailey The problem is that the author actually falls right into the right-wing trap by complacently accepting their label of conservative for themselves. Conservative is an adjective. When one calls himself a conservative the question should be a conservative what? It is actually good to be conservative. It means that one has a reflective and considered approach to thinking. Accepting the word as a label for right-wingers gives them too much credit. The proper term for right-wingers is right-wingers.

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