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White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert
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Sep 16, 2012

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Okay so I feel the need to write a review of this book. I was excited about this book because several of the blogs I follow spoke highly of this book so I assumed it must have been worth it. I'll start with the negatives and end on a bright note with the positives.
First of all the main male character, I felt, wasn't very well developed. There was a few moments where Tucker mentioned that he didn't neccessarily have the best home life, or that his parents didn't support him. I really wished that there was more too it than a few briefly mentioned sentences. Also, why did he have to be Mr. Perfect? I loved that he showed he loved Cass. But what I couldn't like was that he was so willing to accept her issues without an argument and was so quick to forgive. I didn't feel the angst that I though was deserved in this book. And because of that it made the book feel so rushed. Tucker really could have been expanded on and I wished he was. He sounded so dreamy and he could have totally been my new Jacob (from The Might Storm) or Kellan (from Thoughtless). He really did have the potential. But he was just too...perfect for me to fall in love with him.
Cass' mom was a great character but what I didn't like was that again, she was only brought in as a highlighted character towards the end. And it was as if her drug issues were suddenly dissolved because of a few meetings. I just don't see that as realistic. She was a good character to have in the book but, she was just lacking something I suppose.
Now for my postives. I really enjoyed the BONES of this book. It could have really done something too me emotionally had it been not so quick to forgive for misguided actions or Tucker being so perfect. It was such a amazing build on Cass and her life. It was REAL with her living situation and her relationship with Jackson. Those are the two characters that I thought showed enough background to really understand both of them. And I also loved the cook. The supporting characters were well rounded and I thought they were just what the book needed.
*****************************SPOILER ALERT****************************

I assumed the pregnancy bit was going to happen. But the band was too quick to accept it, Dorris could have been built on a bit more and seemed to just "accept" it. She didn't like it at first but then there was no other mention before she lost the baby. But Tucker, again, just seemed too perfect. He was super excited about the baby and then was the emotional rock when Cass lost it. I wanted this too be built on. The timeline between her leaving him, to him showing up and they fall into eachothers arms was so rushed and it was like there was no inbetween. UGH! I just sooooooo wanted this book to be more. Especially after the first half of the book. I was even surprised by Tuckers job. I had no clue he was in a band and I loved that part.
I stress again, I thought this book had some really good bones and structure too it and TM writes amazingly well. It just wasn't what I was hoping for in my ending of this book.
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