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The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins
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Sep 16, 2012

really liked it

The Hunger Games are spellbinding, exhilarating, powerfully emotional and cleverly shocking book series that will have a long lifetime. They have one of the best kick-ass female characters in YA literature, Katniss Everdeen, who is a fantastic female lead like His Dark Material's Lyra (Utterly magnificent books). They also have a very black villian, President Snow of the Capitol, who, throughout the trilogy, tries to mentally disturb and torture the vulnerable Katniss Everdeen.
In the first book, I like the over-the-top celebrity bits, where the Capitol celebrate the Hunger Games and have interviews with the tributes of this year's Hunger Games. Then, once into the cold grasp of the Games, things start to get interesting... suspenseful, sad, perfectly paced and brutal.
Catching Fire, Book 2: To be honest, I didn't know how Collins could make a good-as-the-first sequel (if a sequel at all since they've won the Games) but she did a bang-on job! It was brilliantly plotted, melancholy and as exciting as the first! Electrifying world-building!
Mockinjay, Book 3: An astonishing finish! I like the way Collins doesn't sugar-coat war unlike some authors. The fantastic plot has very unexpected twists at the end. This is undoubtedly the best book in the trilogy by miles! A powerful, action-packed, satisfying and utterly shocking experience!
Yes there's loads of superb praise for the Hunger Games... So why do I give it 4 stars? Well, the Hunger Games feels a bit like a devoid of description, I know it's punchy, fast writing but there's times when you need a bit of description. For example, Gale and Peeta are two thinly imagined guys, both of whom are in the love triangle with Katniss. Despite the intensity in the love scenes, there could have been some description of what they look like, something that was very easy. It lacks what makes, forgive me, Twilight so creepily alluring with Edward and Jacob (either from that, though, HG wins against Twilight). The Capitol was convincingly enough described but I would have liked more because this is an important place throughout the books. For example, Hogwart and the wizarding-world in Harry Potter is very, very memorable because of the beautiful, magical, mysterious descriptions, Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings is fully realised through its incredible detail and Narnia's entirely imagined through the marvelous detail. And also the Hunger Games needs more humour but maybe Collins wanted it that way since it's a dark and despairing future. Despite its brilliance, the Hunger Games is not classic, in my opinion.

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