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Ceaseless by Abbi Glines
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Sep 18, 12

it was amazing
Read on September 18, 2012

Note:May contain some spoilers!


OMG!Omg!Ceaseless is here..OMG!!

I LOVE the cover..i think i love all the three covers...they hold a mystery to be unfolded..but this one was best!

I have been waiting for Ceaseless for such long time that i didn't waste time and read the whole book in one sitting...and it was totally worth loosing my study time for a few hours.

It was all what i thought it would be and much much more..there were twists and turns i didn't expected..but they were pleasant nonetheless.

Dank has never thought he - death- could fall in love..but pagan proved it wrong..he was attracted to her for all wrong and right reasons..every time he tried to go away from her..he got more closer to her.He can't stop loving her,protecting her - from death itself and also the vodoo spirits who wanted claim on pagan's soul.After all troubles he and pagan has faced .. he thought that there is now only "Happily ever after"..but boy he was wrong.

The deity has a test and now pagan has to pass it..cos every soul has a mate and pagan is not her's originally and so she has a choice she has to make..Dank or her Soul mate..but when all her memories of dank has been swiped off will she still remember him or will she try to run away and claim her soul mate.

Having no memories of him but still attracted in a way only her heart knows..pagan want nothing but loose herself in arms of dank walker..the hot and mysterious band singer..but run away at same time..jay's rekindled friendship,her BFF mirinda loosing in Nathan and her new roommate Gee -emo chick- is not helping either.

Dank wants nothing more to be with pagan her whole life and eternity..but will pagan want it too..with her lost memories and a competition from her soul mate..Dank has to do more than protect pagan..he has to make her fall in love with him..all over again..and boy he tries hard..too hard..but with leif,jay and the deity herself trying to interfere it's more trouble than he expected..even from pagan herself!

Can they both get back to each other before choices,memories,soul mates,the deity and the death make them apart?

I loved each and every word and i was sooo deep into it ..fully immersed in the story that i was sad when it was over..i was literally on the edge of my seat trying to devour all the pages...especially the hot and heavy stuff..i mean come on it has to happen..it's last in series right?...(Fans herself to stop getting herself hot thinking about Pagan and Dank on bed).

Seeing dank trying to win pagan's heart all over again,Gee trying hard to make these both closer,Mirinda and Nathan's love story,Jay's empty connection which he tries to connect,leif's guest appearance..and the end ..OMG!I didn't expect it and i sooo loved it..and there couldn't be any other BEST end than it was!

I can't believe the series is over..i loved Dank so much that i get dreams of him..*sighs and shakes her head *!Ofcourse death never looked so sexy before *goes to lala land day dreaming him without shirt(i loved that scene BTW)*..i mean who doesn't want a death like him?

I haven't tried abbi's contemporary but i will soon..but i really really hope Abbi writes more paranormal..we need more books like this..pretty please abbi? I(we) would love you venturing more paranorma'ls..u have a way of writing them and capturing souls like me ;)

Wow i think we are getting some of the best books this year and i am sad to see most of them are last in the series :( ..(Why oh god why?!)..but well where there is one ending there's a new beginning..and i am waiting for that!

Abbi..u rock and i am gonna miss Dank and his lovely songs the most.

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Shweta Choudhary WoW!! Loved your review!

message 2: by Radiant (last edited Sep 18, 2012 10:56AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Radiant Babes..urs was great too..well when the book is such AWESOME..our reviews will be too ;)
I can't stop missing Dank though :(

Shweta Choudhary Me too!!! after Daemon I love Love DAnk!!! I read the same way you read on one sitting!!

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