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A Wanted Man by Lee Child
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Sep 16, 12

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Lee Child's character Jack Reacher, a former military investigator who now wanders the land like Cain in "Kung Fu," is mostly known for kicking butt and figuring things out. He does none of the former in this odd book and an awful lot of the latter. It's not entirely satisfying.

Reacher is hitchhiking with a broken nose (see last book) when he's picked up by two men and a woman who say they're headed to Chicago. None of them is what they seem to be. The pickup of Reacher -- described as looking like a gorilla with his face mashed in -- seems slightly improbable at the beginning, and even more so later when you find out what's really going on.

Nevertheless, you rush along to learn the answer, relishing as always Reacher's cleverness and his mastery of arcane facts about the U.S. The story picks up speed once Reacher is kicked out of the car and has to try to find a way to catch up to the bad guys.

The final showdown does call on his military skills, and the ending is both extremely clever and also something of a let-down. It's clever because when you find out what the bad guys are up to, you go, "AH!" It's a letdown because there are at least two major loose threads that are never resolved. Unless, of course, those losse threads are intended as a set-up for the next book.

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