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One Click by Richard L. Brandt
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Sep 16, 2012

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Loy Machedo’s Book Review - One Click by Richard L. Brandt

When you compare the Biography of Steve Jobs (630 pages) and then compare the Biography of Jeff Bezos (190 pages), you will without a doubt know something is missing.
A large chunk of it.

In those 190 pages, Ricahrd L. Brandt the award-winning magazine writer tries to summarizes Jeff Bezos & Amazon for a quick read.

Here are a few bits that I picked from this book.
• Jeff Bezos was a Brainy Kid and one among the top in his class with unusual academic talent.
• Amazon was literally started in a garage.
• The company had started in 1994 when there was No Internet Commerce as yet.
• The odds against Jeff Bezos vision for a book store were not only scoffed at, they were outright mocked by the so called Industry Experts.
• The 1-Click patented model of Amazon gave the company the extra boost which would make them stand out.
• The Amazon acquisition & Investments included IMDb, PlanetAll, Drugstore.com, zBubbbles, HomeGrocer.com, Gear.com, Della & James And yes, the most intelligent Choice – Zappos.
• Amazon Suffered Intensely with the Dot.com Bubble Crash – which was a big surprise. I didn’t know Amazon went through a Rough Patch. By 2000, it recorded annual losses of $1.4bn and was 'the biggest money loser on the internet', making Bezos as the author put it 'internet poster child to internet whipping boy'.
• In 2010 Amazon was worth more than $80bn, having launched the Kindle and pioneered cloud computing.

But the book does bring in its share of criticism. And that is the totality of the 2 Juggernauts.

If you are seeking for a book that clearly takes you deep inside the mind of Jeff Bezos or into the Intricate World of Amazon, then no, this book will not do you any favors. In 190 pages, you just cannot do justice to One of the Largest Online Book Stores in the World (or is it moving towards the Largest eCommerce Store in the world?) and one of the most admired personalities of the Dot-Com era.

I would summarize by stating that if you are looking for a summary of what Amazon is all about to what its founder and mastermind is like, then this book honors its end of the bargain. I didn’t find anything outstanding but at the same time I wasn’t disappointed. So if you want my recommendation, I simply say, go ahead and buy the book.

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7 out of 10

Loy Machedo
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