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The Seventh Level - Designing Your Extraordinary Life by Joe  Hefferon
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Sep 15, 2012

really liked it
Read from September 15 to 17, 2012

At the beginning of The Seventh Level, Joe tells us that this book is to be read over and over again. And I’m so glad that he mentioned that. You are supposed to read it once, flipping through pages, seeing if something jumps out at you, getting a feel for what you will be doing in the near future, then after you have an idea go back to the beginning and really delve in! That is exactly what I did.

Now I’m only on my second reading of this and it’s the type of book that I’m going to read over and over and probably get something new out of it each time but I wanted to share my first reading experience. First off he treats this like we are architects. You take one level at a time, foundation, first floor and work your way up until you have an entirely new you! But he expresses how important each level is and mastering each before you move on. Which is one reason why the second reading is taking me so long.

This is a book that is seriously easy to read. The concepts are concepts that I’ve heard before, for the most part anyway, but maybe not all in one place and definitely not set up like this.

To develop these skills you must pause while you are working through a problem to think about your progress or the hindrances to the progress and then re-examine how you are thinking about the problem. Are you on the right track? Are you centered on goals? Can you apply something you’ve already learned on task?

This is one thing I love, honest assessment as he puts it. You are taking control of what’s going on and how you are thinking, just as a scientist would if they were searching for a problem. My favorite part is part three and I can not wait to get to this part again. Meta-cognition is what he calls it.

Meta-cognition helps you to gain control over your thinking processes. You must plot out the type and duration of thinking that will be needed to accomplish a given task.

Well, of course I must! I have been working on my thinking processes for quite some time now but the way Joe Hefferon explains how to dig deep and get into your thoughts AND your surroundings really does make you think. And this is just in the first level!

As the levels progress Joe’s voice gets more and more serious. There is a bit of a stern teacher looking down and saying, well you screwed up because you didn’t do it right but now I’m here to help you, kind of voice. But it’s not sardonic, it’s just a bit chiding, a little push to get us moving (FINALLY) in the right direction instead of wallowing in misery and blaming the world instead of our own choices. But then he goes on to help even more by helping us define ourselves and to continue supporting even as the self doubts start to creep in.

You have to love the process as much as the goal. Honor the work. Then celebrate your mission, your future growth, and your extra-ordinary life.

The messages he gives are super positive, filled with metaphors that anyone that’s not an architect, especially since he was definitely influenced by architects, would even understand. Wonderful book that I am already re-reading, but much slower this time around.

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