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The Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Jan 01, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** I hadn't planned on reading any more of her books after the Mists of Avalon. As interesting as the Mists of Avalon was, I had found it rather dry.

However, I came across this book as part of a sale for a store that was going out of business and thought, at 40% I could afford to pique my curiosity.

It is as dry as her other book, but there is a moment in that book that made me think several themes that seem to run through the book. The first one is the nature of the Christian God and the Goddess. The second one is blood line and purity.

It was during the time of the Roman control of Great Britain, or when they were just tribes.

The Druids had control of the Priestesses. Or rather, when it was time for the Goddess to speak through her priestess, the Head Druid would translate for the crowd. Mainly to make sure nothing was said that would threaten Roman power or anything that was not what the Druids wanted to hear as they were playing games as well.

But anyway, one the Celts had joined with an organization to fight the Romans. A kind of Freedom Fighter group. And when the Druids had been distracted and the Goddesses voice had come through, he ran up to her crying and whining about how the Romans had taken their lands, women and so on. He had asked her to bring the Morrigan ( A celtic battle Goddess) to destroy the Romans.

But much to his dismay, she said this was all part of her plan. That she wanted the blood of the Dragon and the Eagle to mix. And why was he crying when his people had done the same thing to their people for generations.

I found that insight to be rephreshing.

In another part of the book, she mentions that it was ok to mix blood, because it strengthened the race so long as the old ways did not die. This is in contrast to many of our races today that believe that the blood of a race must be pure. That we shouldn't mix because it would weaken the race and so on. These are male philosophies.

Now I know why God was invented. Man could control him. His God would honor what he believed instead of an independent spirit running around promoting individual freedom outside of human traditions that sought to suppress it.

This book also gave some insight into the Roman psychology as well. Particularly their views of religion.

They didn't believe that a man was a reincarnated form of God but that some people were choosen to carry that spirit and that he should be honored for what he did as a result of that spirit, but not as if he were a God. If he started to have delusions of Godhood, he was to be taken down.

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