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Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix
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Jan 29, 09

really liked it
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Read in January, 2009

I love this time period of history. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to others in the series. My modern day tendency was to of course roll my eyes at the "instant attraction" between Alaida and Ivo but then I remembered that, well, first it's a book and second it was common practice during that time for women to be given to men as brides whether they wanted it or not. Women had basically zero rights, which is probably why I really appreciate the FICTIONAL element here - the women end up having opinions and authority because their men adore them so. Hmph. That's the way it should be. *snicker*

Okay, back to my thoughts... I enjoyed the banter between all the characters and was heartbroken in many instances throughout the book. Ari's desparate attempts to produce a different vision from the Gods than the one he originally was given, Brand's growing affection toward the woman that would show them the way to redemption by giving up her own life to save them, Ivo's constant heartache over the thought of leaving his wife and child, Alaida's heartbreak over believing her husband didn't want her or their child, just so many moments. I loved the chemistry between Alaida and Ivo and it was believable as he noticed far more than she realized and really took the time to learn her personality finding the things she loved and that were important to her. I loved her constant strive to keep her guard up only to find Ivo able to so easily disarm her defensive walls with a kind word or gesture that caught her unaware. The slow build of love was wonderful to read.

I was especially grateful for the downfall of Neville. What a snake. I will admit that the final moment of his demise, as well as the climax of the storyline for Bote was fairly predictable but it didn't bother me as the story flowed easily and wrapped nicely with the layouts started for the continuing storylines. I loved the epilogue beginning, written by Ari, that provided closure on Alaida and Ivo. I like happy endings because it happens so rarely in real life.

Good book and a series I look forward to reading more of in the future. Two thumbs up. I'd give more than two but alas if I had more than two thumbs I'd probably be in a circus. ;)
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