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Sea of Death by Gary Gygax
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Jul 19, 14

bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended to David by: Gary Gygax (not personally though)
Recommended for: Unless you like pulp fantasy, nobody
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Set in a trackless desert
14 September 2012

Comments on this book seem to go form the fact that it is pulp fiction to Gary Gygax not being able to write his way out of a wet paper bag. Well, I must admit that I found Gygax's stories more entertaining and readable than those written by Ed Greenwood, so my question is, if Gygax is that bad, then where does it leave Ed Greenwood?
This story is set on Gygax's World of Greyhawk, the fantasy realm that he created for the Dungeons and Dragons game that he developed, though I am wondering whether this book was written after he threw in the towel and left TSR (I believe it was). The one thing that attracted me to this book is that it is set in this huge trackless desert that sits on the otherside of a range of mountains, and it was one of those places that every time I looked at a map of the world I would always have attacks of imagination as to what adventure I would set there.
It is funny how the idea of the magically created desert was effectively stolen by Ed Greenwood when he created the Forgotten Realms, however I suspect that the difference between the Anaroch and the Sea of Dust is that the Sea of Dust is pretty much just endless tracks of sand (which is the impression that I get from this book), whereas the Anaroch has lots of different types of desert in it. However, I guess this is all a moot point because both of these places do not exist, and even then, I suspect that both ideas were based on the Sahara.
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