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Frozen Heat by Richard Castle
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Sep 17, 12

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Read from September 11 to 15, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I was not expecting a cliffhanger, especially in the last book of a four-book deal! I’m interested in seeing how the show deals with the book (if at all) and what connections we can make between Heat’s mom’s murder and Beckett’s mom’s murder (if any). I have heard that the premiere will end on an ambiguous note re: Johanna Beckett’s case, which is unlikely to be a cliffhanger. Maybe there will be nothing but I really like thinking about how the books and the show correspond, especially since the books now seem to be getting into territory that reflects real life more closely than usual.

I found it really interesting that Heat’s mom’s case actually seems to be partly about Castle working through the possibilities of his own father being in the CIA. That’s one of the ways this book even more clearly shows what Dana Delany’s character observed way back in season 2 -- that Nikki Heat is part Beckett, part Castle. I’ve always thought of Nikki Heat as a fantasy version of Beckett, but it’s more complicated than that.

I wish there were some way for us to know when Castle is writing his books in the context of the show. Was he already writing Frozen Heat by the time Heat Rises was published? Especially given the Storm e-books he released over the summer? I read the earlier books without knowing the earlier seasons very well, so this was the first time I was able to connect elements of the story more clearly to elements of the cases in season four. So obviously he was writing throughout the season and afterward, but I want more details or at least hints! When did he include that part about Rook and Heat having the “I love you” moment pass them by? Was he still writing and making revisions over late spring and summer when he and Beckett were together? Did he write the first chapter with Heat helping Rook with his rehab while Beckett kept Castle away while she was recuperating over the summer? Maybe it’s just because I know first hand how real life can show up (clearly or obscurely) in one’s fiction, and how writing fiction can be a way of working things out in your own life. And the show has never taken much of a chance to explore that -- maybe we’ll get to see it now that Castle and Beckett are together, but maybe we won’t.

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