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Fields of Gold by Dev Bentham
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Sep 13, 2012

really liked it
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Review at Confessions from Romaholics

As first impressions go, not much can beat how Avi quite literally falls down in front of Pete’s produce stand, but having the cause be due to almost getting run over by a car makes for a lasting memory and a swollen ankle. The distraction Pete provides Avi, though, proves to be much more entertaining; relaxing under the sun watching the customers come and go while chatting and buying fresh vegetables and fruits all the while trying to write the alphabet with his toes, is just what the doctor ordered. Who knew writing the alphabet with your toes is a great exercise for healing a swollen ankle?!

Life doesn’t always play out the way you imagine it will; for Avi it wasn’t that he went out looking to become a politician’s houseboy—it just happened.Unhappy with the arrangements and feeling stuck, Avi is trying to ignore the churning of need that builds up when ever his thoughts drift to Pete. When Jack arrives for the week, Avi is forced to play his part in their unique relationship. But how can it be exclusive if Jack is married and has kids?

When Avi is also given an ultimatum from his professor to finish his dissertation, which he’s been working on for 3 years, it begins to feel as if the walls are crumbling down around him. To say things are complicated is an understatement. Avi struggles in motivating himself to finish it though, he’s become too comfortable and lazy and always looking for more research.

There is a repeal coming up on the Organic Law; the farmers are trying to make easier to get the certificates to label them Organic Farmers. He knows Jack could be making a difference on how he votes but he is allowing the other politicians to sway him, which essentially makes him out to look like a dirty politician. But this repeal will have a huge effect not only on Pete’s farm but many others as well.

As suffocating as Avi feels around Jack, he can’t help but feel relief when Jack finally leaves, especially after Jack forces Avi into trying out a new sex play that leaves Avi unsatisfied. As soon as he can, Avi practically gravitates to where Pete is located with his produce stand, almost as if pulled by an invisible string. But how do you try to begin another relationship when the one you’re in now has you feeling stuck? The temptation proves to be too strong. Avi can’t help but feel everything is right when he is with Pete. But how could he not? They are perfect for each other.

Unfortunately during one night when Jack is down, he accidentally dislocates Avi’s shoulder and refuses to run him to the hospital. Right then the decision is made for Avi: he no longer has to second guess why he is still with Jack, because it’s over. Through this trauma, a misunderstanding arises and Avi blames Pete for something that succeeds in creating a wedge between them, leaving Avi uncertain at what is going to happen next. However, he can’t give up on Pete … not when he is starting to fall in love with him!

While I’m not fond of stories that revolve around cheating, it’s hard to place blame on any of the characters due to the unconventional way the relationships are portrayed. I didn’t like Jack’s character at all, he was too smug, slimy, and arrogant. And the way he refused to bring Avi to the hospital out of fear for his career, now that’s some personality trait – Ass! While Avi seems to be a bit lost, he also has some great friends that are there to look out for him and give him the motivation he needs. There were many times I wanted to smack Avi on the head to get him to wake up to see what he wanted was already there waiting for him, if only he would reach out and grab it. I really liked Pete but I also felt he was selling himself short allowing himself to be Avi’s second choice, even if the path leads him to become Avi’s whole world. The road to get there was hard, painful, and uncertain but also very rewarding in the end.

It was so great to see Isaac and Nathan from Dev Bentham’s first book Learning From Isaac. Their role as Avi’s friends proved to be essential in helping Avi figure out his life. We also got to see how Isaac has grown, not to mention check in with the love they share which has only become stronger. I can only hope that this series will continue and we won’t lose sight of all the characters we’ve slowly grown to love.

I give 4 couples. A story on personal growth and struggles, and learning to grasp what it is you truly want. Definitely Recommended!

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