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Revamp by Beck Sherman
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** spoiler alert ** Thanks the "Shut up and Read-Read it and Rape it programme" for sending me a copy of this book. I'm not the person who yearns for vampires ; actually it's very difficult for me to be impressed by a vampire novel. However, this book caught my eye from the first pages. I gave it five clear stars, everything was perfect. And I mean it. Fast-paced, full of action, sarcasm and a bit romance, "Revamp" is a horror novel which you shall never forget.
For starters, Emma, the heroine , reminded me of myself. Sometimes, I felt like Emma was my twin sister or something! She was strong-minded, stubborn, conscious and caring. She did anything in her power to save Charlie and she made it! Where there's a will, there's a way. She was a fighter and initially she became the hunter everyone wished to be.
Cooper, (oh my love!) had been through hell and never complained about anything. He found Emma and saved her and I'm pretty sure he fell in love with her, the first time he laid eyes on her. He was determined and tried to save everyone when Scott (the leader of the group) was not around. He always supported Emma, ALWAYS no matter what and protected her.
Now, Scott ( it was a pity to see his son a vampire and his wife dead), Mary (Scott's wife and a religious lunatic- I don't blame her after what she'd been through), Sammy ( so sweet!) Charlie and Seven (thank god they were together at last!), Topps ( a lonely cowboy!), Schizo and Buggs ( schizo-what a name!) and Rudy ( he was AWESOME!), all of them had their good and their bad moments. All of them had lost someone but they found the courage to go on and forget the past.
What is more, I loved the "flashbacks". This way, we learned a lot about their lives before the "revamp". One thing I loved about this book was that it was actually a "book-movie". The author, made a book full of adventure and thriller and at times it looked like watching a horror movie. The flashbacks helped a lot. I confess I was peeping to my mirror to see if anyone was starring at me! The adrenaline was hightened!
Leech and Mabon ( I knew Leech was hiding something from the beggining and Mabon was a psycho but he hated his country and this is his revenge) were the bad guys. I was so pleased when Emma staked Mabon ( I was like: Who's the boss now uh?) but I liked Leech, his style and his type were cool.
The most thrilling and the the thing why this novel is one of my favorites is the fact that it's a completed book. It starts , is has a strong story and a compelling writing and it ends (with a cunning way.) We watch the story of a girl ,who tries to survive in an undead world, and her dreams for the future. The dreams of all of her friends .
So, I'm asking Sherman if we have a sequel???? Please, please I'm begging you, I'm falling to my knees ( well not literally but who knows?) I need need need a second book! I need to see Emma and Cooper together! Where is Leech? Will the vampire race die from starvation? What happens next? But , I know, maybe this is one of the magic this book helds. Maybe, we-the readers- should imagine what happens next. Just start thinking for a second book! The ending was promising!

If you'd like a change and want to read something thrilling and fascinating , read "Revamp." I'm sure it'll capture your soul. It's the best choice if you want to get away from the all-known YA novels!

P.S: Cooper is my soulmate (hohohohoh and Emma's my twin sister)!
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