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Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise
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Sep 12, 2012

it was amazing

This book was about a grumpy old man who moves into a rental home so he can concentrate on writing a book, which he has not done for 20 years. He had a very long period of writer's block. Once he moves into his rental house, he realizes that he is not living there alone. He is accompanied by a young boy and the young boy's ghost friend. Ignatius B. Grumply, the grumpy old man, is completely against this living arrangement at first, but as time goes on he begins to like Seymour, the little boy, and his ghost friend, Olive. The three of them join forces to create a book and to become a nice little family.

This book is targeted towards kids in grade 4-6. It is a chapter book and is more than likely difficult for younger ages to read. This book is great for kids to read because it has a lot of educational ideas in there. The kids learn without even knowing it. The majority of the book is written in the form of several different letters and newspaper articles. This helps kids learn how a letter should look and how to form one if they would need to. It also helps show how newspapers work.

There are illustrations throughout the majority of the book. These are very helpful. They help show you what is going on without showing too much, so some is still left to the imagination. The images along with the text gives kids a better grasp as to what is going on throughout the story.

I really enjoyed reading "Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road). It was a great chapter book. Even as an adult, I liked reading the book and wanted to keep reading. I can imagine a kid with a little more imagination than what I have, would really enjoy reading this book.

Klise, Kate, and M. Sarah Klise. Dying to meet you: 43 Old Cemetery Road, book one. Orlando: Harcourt, 2009. Print.

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