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Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
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Sep 12, 2012

it was ok
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Read in September, 2012

Mira, Mira, on the wall, who's the smartest one of all? Well, honey, certainly not you. Good grief. I can't even... argh.

So, Mira is a sheltered 15 year old (pay attention to the age, it'll come in later) orphan girl (raised by godmothers.... wait, you don't suppose they could be fairy godmothers, do you?????) who decides to go off searching for her parents' graves. She goes about this rather cleverly, to be honest, but this is about as smart as she ever gets. Isn't it sad when children's brains plateau at 15? *shakes head*

Anyway, so she runs off to a casino (still not exactly sure how she got in there or why she went there in the first place. Last I checked, people typically aren't buried in casinos) and meets this rude, blue haired boy who tells her to leave (and this is where you should be thinking, "oh, but wait! This can't possibly be just some random rude boy, good golly, no! He must be some poor, heartbroken, damaged, only-a-girl-who's-dumber-than-rocks-can-possibly-fix-me hero who's really very sweet and caring on the inside! She's going to fall in love with him for sure!" It's such a shame when rude people can't just be rude anymore). So she does and then she meets his TWENTY ONE YEAR OLD BROTHER who gets her a room and whatnot.

Well, lo and behold, soon enough she's sharing a room with him (everyone though she secretly loves his brother, the rude one. it's okay, I don't quite understand it, either). Did I mention that she's 15 already? Yes, I think I did. Which is odd, because no one else seems to care about this teeny tiny little detail.

The twist here is that everyone has these fairytale curses, forcing them to reenact the fairytales, which is really fascinating concept. Too bad Ms. Cross couldn't quite back it up.

Plus, the ending was very unresolved. Sure, she and Blue got their fairytale ending, but what about Viv? Henley? Jewel? Freddie? The list goes on. And what about her parents?? (view spoiler)

Overall, rather yawn-worthy. Dumb heroine, rude hero, love triangle/square, heroine who is so sheltered but apparently feels perfectly comfortable sharing a room with a much older guy and flirting with everyone else under the sun. Been there, done that. Wish it could have been better
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message 1: by J.N. (new) - added it

J.N. Sounds awful.

Anna The idea was great, the characters just couldn't back it up

message 3: by J.N. (new) - added it

J.N. Hate it when that happens!

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