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Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz
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Oct 31, 12

Read from September 12 to October 31, 2012


This book is pretty good so far some action in the first chapter. its been building suspense already allot of unknown events are being talked about so it kind of leaves you in the dark. there is a part where the main character plummets from space into the ocean. its is a weird beginning so far but i think it will be a good book.


the book is getting better as I read it. there is a lot more action and more characters are being introduced. the main character has been moving to a bunch of different country's. there is still allot of unknown events that they haven't explained. there is a enemy now. not just one a whole gang called the snake head. the gang is planning to use a weapon called royal blue to kill a bunch of head executives. royal blue is a big bomb there going to make it look like an accident by placing the bomb under the sea bed. when the bomb explodes it will create a tsunami and kill the whole island out.


the book has had a lot of action and still new characters are being introduced. a lot of questions have to be answered yet. the main character Alex has been transported to an classified location to spy on the snake head hideout. but he had troubles getting there. the plane was hijacked and was crashed in unknown location.


a lot of action packed events have taken place im really starting to like this book. still a lot of unanswered questions. the mysteries of the book is what make it good. Alex is held captive in a little room with ripped up clothes. and he has to fight this on person I don't think they said his name yet.


the book has gotten really good I have almost finished it. Alex is on a ship to stop the bomb from being deployed. there has been a lot of turning points in the book a lot of unexpected events have taken place.


i finished the book it was a really good ending it was really action packed im really anticipating my new book.

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