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Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie
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Sep 12, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: washington, indigenous, short-stories, race-relations, marriage
Recommended for: short fiction lovers, cynical optimists
Read from January 15 to 21, 2013 , read count: 1


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Reading Progress

01/15/2013 page 3
0.0% "'Fuckers are drive-by cursing.'"
01/15/2013 page 4
0.0% "'Putting the Jedi shaman mind tricks on me.'"
01/15/2013 page 14
2.0% "'Who isn't better off alone?'

Holy shit, this bleak."
01/15/2013 page 21
4.0% "'Clean' wind power has a dirty side, too:"
01/15/2013 page 26
5.0% "'... equal parts revenge and forgiveness ... equal parts love and blood.'"
01/15/2013 page 28
5.0% "'For most Indians, stars are nothing more than white tombstones scattered across a dark graveyard.'"
01/15/2013 page 41
8.0% "I still have no idea how to interpret that story."
01/15/2013 page 49
10.0% "'This guy was talking out of his ass. I liked him immediately.' Love those kinds of first impressions."
01/15/2013 page 74
15.0% "Parent-child relationships are brutal."
01/15/2013 page 90
18.0% "Always heart-wrenching and beautiful."
01/15/2013 page 93
19.0% "'"I like Obama. I voted for him. I'm a damn commie bastard. But you don't want to play basketball like him."' Not a conventional sports hero, no."
01/15/2013 page 93
19.0% "'"That shit was as weak as the public option in health care."' Sherman Alexie, I want to high-five you, sir."
01/15/2013 page 100
20.0% "Some greater truth involving guys and basketball just went way over my head."
01/16/2013 page 102
21.0% "'In this world, we must love the liars or go unloved.' Brutal."
01/16/2013 page 106
22.0% "There is a lot of sadness to digest up to this point."
01/16/2013 page 159
33.0% "Basketball has a hard, strange holiness."
01/21/2013 page 161
33.0% "'When one person starts to look at another like a criminal, then the love is over.'

That weasel took my heart and $500."
01/21/2013 page 164
34.0% "'And she was a genius, too. She knew exactly what to say to cause me the most pain.'

This is why I try not to let my anger get the best of me, because, when I am angry, I am heartless and I go for the jugular."
01/21/2013 page 169
35.0% ""The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" is one of those stories that will break one down on so many levels. Brilliant. Depressing. Amazing." 2 comments
01/21/2013 page 185
38.0% ""The Approximate Size of My Favorite Tumor" perfectly encapsulates the paradox of seriously loving someone who cannot be serious or take anything seriously."
01/21/2013 page 216
45.0% "Lots of uncomfortable dynamics in "Indian Country""
01/21/2013 page 222
46.0% "'Elvis Presley is still showing up in 7-Eleven stores across the country, even though he's been dead for years, so I figure music just might be the most important thing there is.' It is! And Elvis still lives on the YouTube and sampling:"
01/21/2013 page 228
47.0% "Music can get in the way of relationships."
01/21/2013 page 231
48.0% "Melissa? Really?"
01/21/2013 page 232
48.0% "haboob = big fucking sandstorm"
01/21/2013 page 232
48.0% "haboob = big fucking sandstorm"
01/21/2013 page 239
49.0% ""Scenes from a Life" - emotional and empty at the same time"
01/21/2013 page 241
50.0% ""Breakfast" is some kind of messed-up grief."
01/21/2013 page 247
51.0% "'"If two insomniacs fell in love, you know there'd be a murder-suicide."'"
01/21/2013 page 248
51.0% "This is breaking my heart. And wondering how and why we ever get into relationships in the first place."
01/21/2013 page 249
51.0% "Definitely broke my heart."
01/21/2013 page 261
54.0% "There's no winning in the Genocidal Olympics."
01/21/2013 page 263
54.0% ""Breaking and Entering" is a harsh exploration of race and power."
01/21/2013 page 265
55.0% "'I suppose, for many Indians, garage sales and trashy novels are highly traditional and sacred.' A value shared among the working class and poor."
01/21/2013 page 268
55.0% "The things we do in the name of love"
01/21/2013 page 282
58.0% "'Our marriage became an eccentric and disorganized library.' Love this."
01/21/2013 page 293
61.0% "'Victor said, "Why should we organize a reservation high school reunion? My graduating class has a reunion every weekend at the Powwow Tavern."' Sounds exactly like SHS and Turtle's."
01/21/2013 page 299
62.0% ""Gentrification" is another tough musing on race relations."
01/21/2013 page 302
62.0% ""Fame" - Guys are lions."
01/21/2013 page 311
64.0% ""Faith" is making me wonder why people even get married."
01/21/2013 page 329
68.0% ""Salt" makes me worry I'm going to someday become the crazy lady, living alone, pitied and feared and despised."
01/21/2013 page 350
72.0% "Are all marriages this fucked up?"
01/21/2013 page 354
73.0% "'... an apology offered to a dead man is only a selfish apology to yourself.'"
01/21/2013 page 360
75.0% "Moral of the story: writers are just trying to get laid.

Beware, all you easily seduced by literary efforts."
01/21/2013 page 366
76.0% "Our library is more of a halfway house that hasn't quite figured out how to reduce recidivism."
01/21/2013 page 415
86.0% "Screwing a writer is just going to lead to heartbreak."
01/21/2013 page 420
87.0% "We all should be so lucky to have someone who loves us enough to make a deer song for us."
01/21/2013 page 422
87.0% "'There comes a time in every son's life when he thinks he is smarter than his father. But the truth is that fathers and sons are mostly equal in intelligence. Geniuses beget geniuses and idiots beget idiots.' This explains my dad and uncles and brother and cousins."
01/21/2013 page 436
90.0% ""Basic Training" is too raw for me to appreciate the whole of right now. The ending is brutal, literally and figuratively, and it's hard not to feel entirely helpless and hopeless."

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