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Take This Regret by Amy Lichtenhan
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Sep 12, 2012

really liked it
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Take This Regret by A.L Jackson
July 28, 2011 by Coffee Shop Publishing
Paperback, 242 Pages

Take This Regret is about one bad decision, regrets, redemption and a second chance.

The story is about a young couple in love who were torn apart by betrayal. Christian and Elizabeth were on their way to achieving their dreams as brilliant lawyers. They had the world on the palm of their hands... until one day, when Elizabeth found out she was pregnant with Christian's baby. Both their lives were turned upside down, none of them saw it coming.

Christian's reaction was not what Elizabeth expected, certainly not from the man who promised never to leave her side. Out of confusion, Christian decided that no way in hell was he going to give up all the hard work he's exerted through the years for a kid. So he did what he thought was his only option: walk away! He walked away, leaving Elizabeth with a broken heart, a broken dream and pregnant. He never once looked back... until five years later.

Through the years, Christian has grieved for the decision he's made. His life is filled with second thoughts, regrets and guilt but not knowing how to fix it; not having the courage to face the family he knows should've been his. Until one day, when he comes face to face with the little girl he has abandoned and fell in love with her on sight. Suddenly, he has the urge to be a part of his little girl's life and make amends with the only woman he has ever loved.

This book is a surprise for me. Frankly, I am torn. I do not know how to rate this. It's a typical reunited romance. So okay, I get that drama! I expected to hate the hero. I hate jackasses! I believe they do not deserve a second chance. So you see, even before reading this I was already biased. But for some reason, the minute I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I couldn't stop until I got to the last page. Ha! Doesn't that mean something? :D

I couldn't give this five stars though... I dunno, something was amiss that up to this moment I can't point out. It's missing a sudden "oomph
" so I'll settle for 4-stars. Or maybe it was because I did not cry. Had this been written in a sugar-coated sappy way, I would've wept and give it 5! Haha. Plus, some scenes felt repetitive 'cause of the POVs used. (Needs a little editing, if I may say so.)

What I liked though, was how the storyline was presented. It was beautifully told... even with all the imperfections. Thus, the story came alive. It was real as it can get. Characters who we're good people but who is very much human, capable of making horrible mistakes. I liked it. :)

The author found a way to redeem Christian. It was a wise decision to use his point of view. That way the reader understands him too.

So all in all, I liked it very much. I did not cry and it wasn't as effective as the other books I've read. But the author earns my respect.

A must-read!

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