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James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing by G. Norman Lippert
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Sep 15, 12

it was ok
Read in September, 2012

Oh my god.

There was just no way this was going to happen. I think it started off very strongly, James living under the shadow of his father, expectations of Hogwarts, new friends. But then it just sort of lost momentum about a fourth into the book. James, quite frankly, is an idiot. I feel Mr. Lippert tried to make it not seem so because he tried to make James' motives stem from wanting to stand outside his father's shadow, but in the end, it only made James make very dumb decisions.

The thing I hate most in literature is stupid characters. You cannot make me believe that someone was that dumb to make that kind of decision.

(view spoiler) Who didn't see James bringing the damn cloak?
Through sheer force, Mr. Lippert FORCED all the three relics to being in one place. It never happened naturally, and the sheer coincidence made me roll my eyes because THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. EVER.

Also the fact that a mere muggle can get through all the enchantments of Hogwarts?! no. I will not believe that.
The whole electronics thing was hard to swallow from chapter two, but I ignored it because there were half-hearted attempts to get it to work.

I did appreciate the Snape bits quite much, the idea of Snape being a secret art lover tickled my mind as did his hatred for the term "mudblood". In that aspect, I feel at the very least Mr. Lippert did his homework. But there were so many inconsistencies with the Harry Potter world for me to truly believe in this pale imitation. There were just too many things amiss.

I think Mr. Lippert could write a great fun novel on his own. But to make it a sequel just begs comparison, and in that light, his book does not stand well.
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message 1: by Liam (new) - added it

Liam Palacios thanks that was a rlly helpful review. but im still gonna try it.

at least it tells me what to expect.

Megan Klatt Caro, while I do agree that some scenarios were blatant, foregone conclusions from the get-go, this novel was well-written and moved along fluidly. It's fiction, after all, and you can't expect it to mirror reality

Karen I agree with parts of the review. Some things seemed forced. I don't mind using my imagination, but there were some gaping holes that I was required to fill.
I hope Lippert continues to write - practice makes better.

Scott Rudolph But you could totally believe Dumbledore missing Voldemort living on the back of Quirrels head, Crouch impersonating Mad Eye all under the watchful and expert eye of the holder of the Elder Wand?? lol...Harry/James Potter is far fetched under any need to let go of those things and just enjoy

Matthew Wegman There were several inconsistencies in the original books, so what. It is a great story.

message 6: by Christi (new) - added it

Christi Snape? He died in the HP series. How is he in this series? I haven't rad it yet, just asking based on these reviews.

message 7: by Mandee (new)

Mandee It seems to be a prequel.

message 8: by Mike (new) - added it

Mike Adler Good review I think staying in the "world" of Harry potter he has failed. Students seeing house elves clearing up? The headmistress doing the sorting? Seriously there are some obvious things about the world JK Rowling wrote that this just contradicts and I am less than 10% into this book.... (Good reads counts for you it seems) I would say that as far as fan fiction goes, this guy must not be a true fan

message 9: by Blake (new)

Blake Bradburn I haven't read the book yet... But people need to stop complaining about small little inconsistencies. Things change. Time moves on. It takes place almost 12 years after HP series... If you were frozen in time and then suddenly woke up 12 years later the world would be different. That's what this book does. You've been frozen in the Harry potter world for 12 years and this author is bringing you back to reality

message 10: by Allison (new)

Allison I don't think I'm going to read this. At all. Apparently muggle technology now works? Apparently all three Hallows were now at one place even though J.K. Rowling made it clear the Resurrection Stone was lost forever? I think not.

message 11: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Why is the son named James?!? Harry's son is named after Snape and Dumbledore, right?

message 12: by Allison (new)

Allison Kendra wrote: "Why is the son named James?!? Harry's son is named after Snape and Dumbledore, right?"
He had two sons and a daughter. Albus Severus is the youngest son and James is the oldest.

Tanner Like Scott said just let it go and enjoy what you like and can.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I couldn't stand it. How could anyone compare this with J.K.Rowling's work? This book was a little dull and the characters were completely disfigured. :( lost my faith in HP fan fiction.

Tiffany Robertson No, dude. I had questions and misgivings at the beginning but this is the best piece of fan fix I have EVER read. I'm about to start the second book and when we have money, I will definitely buy the whole series in paperback. The contradictions to HP that this book starts out with are explained and wrapped up well enough for me. He may be no J.K. Rowling but he is a damn good writer. Read it or not, your choice.. But keep an open mind, realize and remember that this is not the author of HP and get the sticks out of your asses and all will be well. I was so skeptical before even starting this book that it could possibly be good enough to not maul HP's world, but it was amazing and it opened up my mind to new possibilities. Loved it. <3

message 16: by John (new) - added it

John Hennessy Megan wrote: "Caro, while I do agree that some scenarios were blatant, foregone conclusions from the get-go, this novel was well-written and moved along fluidly. It's fiction, after all, and you can't expect it..."

That's a fair and very valid point Megan....I would still like to try this book though!

message 17: by Angela (new) - added it

Angela I'm just so excited to be back in the wizarding took me a moment for my mind to understand that it's a different time and a different world following the battle, but come on it would have been far fetch not to add technology to a today novel...I am excited to keep going into the other series...thank u for bringing this to me...

message 18: by Rusden (new)

Rusden Scott I made an account just to leave this comment on your review of a piece of Harry Potter fan fiction you wrote in 2012. I have a very low opinion of fan fiction, and have tried a couple times to get into it, without success. But then i discovered Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and my life changed. Your review of this bland, soggy mess made me want to recommend HPMOR as it's made for people like us who like their stories to make sense and have rational characters, which is what HPMOR is all about. A retelling of HP if Harry hasn't been such an insufferable idiot, fixing many obvious and not so obvious parts of J.K.R's world that simply don't make sense. No time for a full recommendation now but look up some reviews and dive in; i promise you won't regret it.

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