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Over You by Emma McLaughlin
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Sep 11, 2012

it was ok
Read in September, 2012

The blurb for this book sounded really cute, so I bought it and read it today. I struggled through it and didn't like it nearly as much as I wanted to.

Main issues I had with the book:

1) The flow was awkward. I don't really know how to describe this in detail, but it was just strange. It felt like the characters would be having a conversation about one thing, then there would be an abrupt change of subject out of nowhere.

2) POV changes were also awkward. We would be on Max's POV, then suddenly there would be 1-2 paragraphs from another character's POV, then back to Max. It was really strange and also screwed with the flow of the story.

3) Ex, Inc. While the idea of Max being a sort of a "getting-over-your-ex" guru, the way it was written was unrealistic and weird. Max runs this business, but doesn't get paid? She takes donations and favors and requests that her "clients" use word of mouth to spread her business. How does she afford the extravagant gifts with no income? She buys her clients things like hot air balloon rides, boxing lessons, etc.

I also just don't see someone who is 17 and has only been in one 5 month relationship being an expert on breakups. Especially considering she never got over her ex!

4) The ex, Hugo. He was really strange. First he gives her the "nothing" look in the club. Then he runs in to her and tells her how much he adores her and wants her to be his girlfriend again. The very next day he invites her to eat with his mother in what is a really weird and awkward scene (and I don't mean that in a good way). Like, it was so unbelievable! I also never really understood WHY Max had this huge problem getting over Hugo. It made no sense.

5) Ben. One of the first times we meet him he's burping and being gross. I know boys do this, but I don't like reading about burping. I also never really felt connected to him and I also never felt the connection between him and Max. They only met up a handful of times, never had a real date, but he gets extremely jealous of her hugging her gay best friend and kissing her ex. I get that he was attracted to Max, but she wasn't his girlfriend and they were "just friends" for most of the book.

6) Dialogue. The dialogue was WAY too grown up for high school kids. These characters spoke like they belonged on Sex and the City or some other adult television show.

There were some good things about the book. I liked the Bridget/Taylor parts (mostly). It was interesting to see Taylor's mindset and how he realizes what a mistake he made. I would have liked to see their reconciliation, but that all happens off-screen. :(

Not sure if I will read any more YA by these authors. This just wasn't that great.

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