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The Skin of Water by G.S.  Johnston
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Sep 11, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

This is what I wrote on amazon. I hope I can cheat. There are also more detailed rave reviews.

This review is from: The Skin of Water (Kindle Edition)
I was captivated from the beginning as I viewed the scenery through the young film maker's lens. I love historical romance, but I confess that The skin of Water far exceeded my expectations. I was pulled into a part of WWII in Hungary, a country I knew little about.
Mr Johnston so gentlemanly touched the parts of my womanly senses so much the I "O_O_O_o and a-a-a-, sigh" with passion along with the two secret lovers. the only problem with the well written content was that I read it while riding 1,000 miles on a Grey Hound bus. When I made my nearly "orgasmic" sounds along with the characters, OOPS! other passengers turned back to see what I was doing. All I could do was confess, " Good book. Really good Book!"
I hear that men are loving this book , too, maybe its is all the unexpected that appears in a world war, or maybe the romance. Ah, read The skin of Water. So-o-o-o good.

Merged review:

I was captivated from the moment I looked behind the lens of the young film maker, the main character. He was awkward, yet passionate about filming.
The Skin of Water took me by surprise that a gentleman could write with such passion which touched a my womanly longings in a gentle way.
Through reading The Skin of Water I was able to grasp the desperateness of survival during the later part of WWII with two secret lovers and a few more that I won't tell on.
So many secrets were artistically woven with in the passionate romance among war equipment all around.
I recommend reading The Skin of Water in a relaxing or peaceful spot instead of while riding the Grey Hound as I did. On my 1,000 mile trip as I read i found other passengers looking back at me. during particle pages, that caught my fancy, I expressed in little moans, if you know what I mean. I confess, all I could do was hold up my Kindle and say, " Good book. Really good book!" then pick up where I left off.
I can truly say that the Skin of Water may now have become my favorite book over my long time favorite, Gone With the Wind.
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