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Real Food by Nina Planck
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Aug 26, 2007

it was ok
Read in August, 2007

I have to admit that I was a pretty skeptical audience. I read this book because I have visted the Plancks' farm and I was curious about what their daughter had to say about food.

I'm a little torn in my opinion--she makes some really good points, but others didn't seem so well considered. The central idea of the book is that humans have been eating animal fats (meat, lard, eggs, dairy) thousands and thousands of years, so we should be eating them rather than industrial imitations created in the last 100 years. I can agree with that basic idea...but Planck never adresses the fact that, while we no long eat like we once we did, we no longer live like we did for thousands and thousands of years either. We have a much more sedentary lifestyle today--and when you're writing a book in defense of fats, I think that it's pretty important to adress that.

In the end, fine, I learned a lot and I might even try a glass of whole milk--but the writing was an frustrating mix of nutritional/scientific jargon and first person narrative. I really really hated her dismissive tone when discussing vegetarianism and veganism, and she rarely acknowledged that for many people tracking down and buying whole natural "real" foods is next to impossible. Nina Planck, I am glad that you can afford whole milk from a grass fed jersey cow to enjoy with your fresh local blackberries blueberries and gooseberries. But many of us can't.
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Barb Lawrence Actually, whole milk, and raw milk (in many states) is now readily available at Farmer's Markets or health-oriented markets. I wouldn't even consider drinking anything else. All that low fat/no fat jargon we've been hearing is bs. Foods just need to be fresh, seasonal, local if possible, and as close to whole/real as possible.

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Gary I would recommend reading other books that agree this idea of sedentary lifestyle you speak of.
Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha
Catching Fire by Richard Wrangham
Also just for fun I’ll add, Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

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Gary To help you find the food try a site like they have links to farms. Maybe you can find one close to you.

Deanna Lack I am only 11% of the way into this book but your review touches on many of the concerns I have about it. Spending a whole chapter bashing vegetarianism with no more evidence than "I was fat when I was vegetarian" did not impress me.

Barb Lawrence I abs

Barb Lawrence i absolutely loved this book

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Riya Thank you for the helpful link Gary!

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