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Middle School by James Patterson
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Sep 13, 12

I finished the first one and got this one 2 days ago and finished it! Not as good as the first one though. Raph moves to the city and goes to art school there, but runs into trouble and makes a friend.... kinda. Raph also wants to find the trouth about his dad.... SPOILER he died in the army. SO Raph goes to art school and meets a friend who is very strange so for Christmas Raphs friend gives him a pen. Raph gets into some trouble and his mom is upset. Then his class goes to a museum and turns out Raphs friend stole it from the gift shop and he gets into trouble so since his friend got busted he got revenge by hacking on to his school online project. Raph is mad about that so he walkes out of the class and takes some money and rides a us back to Hills Village where he goes Jeanna Marbles home and they call his mom and so in the morning she picks him up. They drive past Raphs moms old work place which burned down and she gets her job back so they move back to Hills Village and Raph ends school at Airwalk (forgot the name) and has to go to summer school. At the end he has his own art show and it ends happily. :)

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