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False Memory by Dan Krokos
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Oct 24, 12

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Read from October 15 to 20, 2012

4.5 stars.


So before I proceed, here's the thing: I don't fucking care about all those shits about attack-of-the-authors thing that happened earlier, okay! . Some of you bitches just cannot put it over and fucking move on with your damn life. The author apologized, okay. Deal with it. Nobody's perfect. Stop ranting your stupid ass about how much you hated what the author had done, and STOP DISCOURAGING ME TO READ THIS BOOK CUZ I WOULDN'T LIKE TO CARE TO GIVE ANY OF FUCK, because I've read it and I LOOOVE it. Okay. Get over with it.

Cuz if you feel like buying this book and the thoughts of what the author had done keeps bugging on you, just tell your thoughts to fuck off. And to you who has a cold heart and keeps on spreading words about how awful the author is, all I can say is fuck off. So don't read this review of you're one of them.


Consensus: A thrilling ride for both of the brain and the heart, Dan Krokos's debut is a mesmerizing science fiction debut, that will steals the hearts of many young-adult fans.

Okay, so overall this story is about a chick named Miranda, who wakes up alone on a bench with no memory. And then she releases something out of her head, perfume-like wave that causes chaos. And then when things get chaotic, there's only one guy left. And I know--my strong points are NOT on summarizing.

Let's get through this. First, let's talk about the plot:

I'm so amazed by how Krokos writes. I am COMPLETELY CONFUSED at first--which is a confusion for me like whether this is a bad thing. But then, the main character is also in a disorientation, and it's like I am really on the same page with her, back to front, till the end of the book.


The plot drives you crazy, of course. Sometimes, I felt like slamming my head on the wall just because I couldn't comprehend some things, but then our main protagonist is also in a confusion so I was okay with it.

Actions, although not as heart-pumping as the ones in Insurgent, it still drove me crazy. I was into the motorbike-riding scenes, the fight scenes--I was in love with everything.

I guess if you have read other reviews, you'll realize that the ending of False Memory is nuts--it'll crack your brains and make you scream. It isn't some typical, cliched dystopian cliffhanger--it's something that's very surprising--I didn't see it coming at all. Probably during the ending scene, lots of things were happening, and you couldn't help but focus on to so many things. But that's a good thing, isn't it?

And the cloning concept--from the beginning till the end--it reminds me of the literature short story where we learn in English class, One Is One And All Alone by I-Forgot-The-Author's-Name. The plot twist is also familiar--only a whole lot more intense!


Miranda. Okay, this is amazing.

Dan Krokos has really done a believable female protagonist. I think, many of us underestimates male authors who writes in female's first person narration (well, probably except John Green). Well, now, put Krokos in an exception! He's great at this--but, well, it's not picture perfect, but it's great! Especially for a debut.

But then, the narration reminds me A LOT of Beatrice Prior's narration. I don't know. The way she walks, some of her sarcasms and jokes--it reminds me a lot of Tris.

Even the cover, don't you think?

Okay, here we have a Dauntless symbol on top, above it is the tagline, the title in large capital letters WITH the author's name just below it.

A symbol of I'm not really sure what it's about--something about them Roses--and then above it we have the tagline, title in large capital letters with the author's name just below it.

Aside from Mir, I REALLY REALLY love the other friends; Peter, Noah and Olive. I connected with them strongly, that lots of parts in this book that has to make me cry. I love LOVE LOOOOVE their friendship--I guess that's the strongest point of the book.

The antagonists is a blehhh but it's surprising at the end. You know, (view spoiler)


It's okay, I only minus 0.5 freaking star! Now here's for short:

Some things are just inappropriate for the book's atmospheric setting. The world is futuristic--so I don't see staves or swords coming. Even though some scenes in the book used electrical staff--still, it isn't working for me. I only prefer this book to be with rifles and machine guns. I prefer this movie to be the Legend-kind of action-packed tale, where bullets fly in the air. Plus if it is that way, it suits the setting. Now--staves? I don't really like it.

And the first person present tense narration. It's like I've been there before--I really like the kind of writing, but I need something just a little different about it.

Overall, loving this. RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE.

Now, I'm out.

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