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Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd
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Jan 19, 2013

really liked it
Read in September, 2012

4.5 stars

This was really a great, fun, fun read. I've read That Boy and loved it but Stalk Me is way better I think. It's much sexier and funnier. Totally hooks you up. Keatyn is a very likeable character. Most of the times. Well, she can be frustrating and makes bad decisions but that's what makes her story fun. She is nice but tends to be bitchy sometimes. Well, that happens when you're surrounded by girls like Vanessa (Loved Vanessa when she "destroyed" Mandy. Haha, that was funny. And mean.). Peer pressure and all. The story is fast-paced that sometimes I almost couldn't keep up with Keatyn's lovelife. Heh. Man, she has a lot of boys. HOT. BOYS. ALL OVER HER.

First, there's Sander. The perfect boyfriend who wouldn't DO it with her which makes their relationship a sham. But it kinda explains why he wouldn't in the latter part. Man, did I laugh my ass of when they broke up. Just freaking hilarious.

Then, there's Brooklyn. The guy Keatyn is all over heels in love with. Okay, I didn't like him, really. And I was disappointed when they got together and was happy they didn't really work out together. Muahaha.

And then there's Cush. Swoon! Yeah, he's my favorite. He's sweet, accepts and loves Keatyn for who she is. And very, very insanely hot with a cherry on top. I was already Team Cush from the first page. Hah. I'm a total sucker for friends turned lovers. He might have been a dick for blaming Keatyn for something that wasn't her fault but he totally redemmed himself. Atleast he didn't called Keatyn a skank. (coughBROOKLYNcough)

Then there are other guys like Damien, who is hot, too. Who made a song oinspired by Keatyn's eyes but I think it's just friendship with him. Or is it? There's Vincent, the older, hot guy. (I totally knew who he really was! Called it!) Then there's Aiden. I like him a lot, too. And I'm excited to read more of him in the next books. But I'm solid Team Cush for now. Loyalty and all that.

Can't wait for December!
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