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Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto
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Sep 12, 12


Well, all I can say is what a waste of valuable time that I could have spent gouging my eyes out with a fork. I mean, seriously, how many bloody ‘climaxes’ do you need in one flipping book! The general idea and plot of the novel was somewhat reasonable, but the rest…..OMFG!!!! Ok, so when god sends you a message through the form of a massive tremor as to not get married, I think that it is generally a good idea not to get married, but what do they do, GET MARRIED!! Dump shit! What do you think is going to happen, don’t act so bloody surprised when people then start hunting you down, it’s not like you weren’t warned! The characters in the book were so screwed up compared to the other books, it’s like she just wiped the others from memory and started again. Xavier was still sweet and gorgeous as usual, but to be honest, Bethany was just a downright BITCH! It’s like she doesn’t care that like all these people were dying because of her own stupidity. Just as long as she gets to have her sex in the woods with her beloved Xavier, and play happy families even though the whole frickin world is trying to kill her….whatever floats your boat. And speaking of sex, I am pretty sure that in Halo it said that they can’t have sex, um clearly she forgot what she was writing. Either that or she just changed her mind about all her ‘angel rules’.
So the basic story line of this book over all is crap. No other way to describe it. First they get married, then the priest died cause they got married, then they go into hiding because the ‘sevens’ (random soldier angels) were hunting them, then she was a dump shit and went outside even though Gabriel and Ivy told her not to, so she was found (shocker there!!!!). Then they go to college and pretend to be brother and sister (weird), then have sex in the woods, (okkkk…..), then get found by a friend while kissing, so they wipe her memory, as you do! Then they are found by the sevens, AGAIN, this time one of Xav’s friends is killed, so they leave! Then Xavier dies, they bring him back to life but he is possessed by Lucifer (WHYYYYYY!!!). Then Jake comes back and demands Gabriel’s wings in return for Xavier’s life, so the ARCH angel gives up his WINGS!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYY!!!! And just when you think things could not get any worse Gabriel says he loves Molly and kisses her, even though she is engaged to a controlling cult freak! Oh, and did I mention that Xavier is like half angel!!!!!!! This horrible story line keeps on going right up until Beth ends up back in heaven and gets help from Xavier’s dead girlfriend Emily. First of all this is screwed. If I was his dead girlfriend I would not help this selfish cow get back so she could screw with his life even more. But she does, so Beth gets her wings ripped out and goes back to Earth where they live happily ever after!! (gags!!).
While the first two books were trashy but enjoyable reads, this one was just embarrassing! It was ridiculously chaotic and way too much happened in a book that was not that big! As well as this, it was quite contradictive to the other books and things said in them, not to mention sometimes offensive. It is ok to write about god and heaven, but some of the things that were said about marriage and belief were frankly rude and could be seen as rather offensive. Honestly this book was a total waste of my life!
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Claudia Oh Gracie. See, this is why I'm not going to read it. Haha. It sounds painful.

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