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The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen  Reynolds
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Mar 31, 2014

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This is a rousing book--literally, it will rouse you right out of your chair. I'm already a convert, I've been exercising regularly for six months now and my body feels completely differently and my energy levels and happiness level is a lot higher. But I learned a lot of interesting information from this book. It's written by a journalist who in her personal life is a runner and interested in the subject. She has culled the results of many scientific studies for this book. Some of the findings:

*the more hours you sit a day, the unhealthier you will be, even if you exercise. If you have to sit all day for work, you should break the sitting up by getting up to move around once an hour. I'm super happy that I don't sit all day at my job, and reading this book has convinced me to never accept a job where I do.

*interval training is the most effective for losing weight. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training is best, but strength training alone can be surprisingly effective. Strength training is most effective if it involves plyometrics--leaping, hopping, and other fast explosive movements and using the resistance of your own body (as in yoga--doing planks, etc.)

*you don't need a set amount of water a day. Drink when you're thirsty

*working out before breakfast leads to a greater degree of fat burning

*Taking Ibuprofen after working out may inhibit the healing of your tissues and increase the likelihood of injury.

*Static stretching before a workout is harmful. Instead do dynamic stretching.

Reading this book, I now understand why my Saturday morning bootcamp is so incredible--clearly my fitness instructors have read this book.

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