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The Athena Effect by Derrolyn Anderson
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Sep 22, 2012

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Read from September 10 to 12, 2012

Cali lives a life of isolation deep in the woods with her parents, and except for their occasional episodes of horrible hallucinations, Cal is pretty happy living in nature. But a sudden tragedy rips her away from the only world she’s ever known, and Cali soon realizes that what she’s learned through her books could’ve never prepare her for the real world. Parties, beer, and girls is what Cal’s life is all about, and he has absolutely no idea what he wants to do after he graduates. But then he meets Cali, and his perspective totally changes. In spite of their huge lifestyle differences Cali and Cal fall for each other. But Cali’s new found happiness doesn’t last long when a person from her parent’s past appears.

The Athena Effect is a great beginning to Derrolyn Anderson’s new series!

Cali was a very interesting character to meet. Even though she’s been isolated from people all her life, she’s not naïve. Reading all kinds of books all her life has certainly helped her, and though she’s scared and confused when confronting the ‘real’ world she doesn’t falter. She’s a really strong young woman, and not afraid to defend herself by any means necessary. Really badass! Cali also has the cool ability to see peoples auras and influence them. She’s learned how to manipulate the colors, changing others to her will. I loved the descriptions of the auras. Anderson doesn’t stick to writing just green envy or red lust, she uses the full spectrum of colors and comes up with things like anxious chartreuse, flustered tangerine, sweet blood-red infatuation, or golden curiosity. Brilliant!

Cal is the usual bad-boy who’s trying to forget his past. I didn’t like him at first, because he sounded like a real jerk wondering why Cali didn’t like him when other girls practically begged to be with him. Then he started acting really silly hooking up with other girls to make her jealous. Cali ignored him (kudos to her) and he got pissed. But Calvin soon learns that she’s different and worth putting some effort into. It’s when he makes that effort to get to know Cali that I really started to like him.

I liked Cali and Cal’s story, and all the time they spend together: rescuing Rufus (Cal’s dog), going to the museum, having a sleepover. But there were times where there was too much head hopping between Caledonia and Calving. One paragraph was him, the other her, then back again. Just…too much switching. But the instances were few and far between. The pacing was fast, there wasn’t a dull moment, and once we get to uncovering what the Athena Effect is then stuff gets really interesting. Though I understand there is a sequel, the ending was a bit abrupt to me…but maybe I just wanted more Cali and Cal!

*Arc copy provided by the author*
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