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Back to Work by Bill Clinton
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Sep 10, 2012

it was ok

Bill Clinton is the most self absorbed person I have seen. The first half of this book reads like an account of Bill Clinton saving the world. He constantly reminds us of how smart and great he is because he did this and that and everything he did was a success. After you finish reading this book you will know his resume back and forth. For example, he takes sole credit for leaving a surplus budget when he left office. Since then, he blames republicans for the huge deficits. True, he did raised taxes and there was a surplus when he left office, he deserves some credit, but only 33 percent. He never accepts or mentions that the reason why there was a surplus in 2001 had much to do with the fact that in 1995, Republicans gained control of the House and Senate and he was forced to turn away from his radical liberal agenda and forced to negotiate with republicans. As a result, he passed NAFTA, welfare reform and a balance budget. In addition, the high tech boom that took place in the early 1990s had the result of growing the economy, hence creating jobs and incrementing tax revenues, which helped in erasing of government deficits. Clinton began his presidency as a radical liberal but learned from his mistakes and as a result moved to the center, much of it had to due with the election of republicans in congress.

The solutions that Bill Clinton proposes to get out of the current economic malaise are nothing less than more Keynesian government programs. He believes in big government and proposes a government run agenda to grow the economy. Again, he fails to mention that Keynesian stimulus had been tried since the great depression and ended up causing fiscal deficits and inflation beginning in the 1970s. More recently, the 800 billion Obama stimulus, cash for clunkers and TARP were all Keynesian stimulus that were supposed to get us out of this economic mess, but alas they failed at the expense of trillions of dollars of more debt.

Now, Clinton proposes an array of programs, many of them promote a radical rearrangement of the energy sector from oil and coal based towards wind and solar. He actually believes that clean energy will be the next tech boom in terms of job creation and government should spearhead the restructuring of the energy sector. Hubris, Hubris, Hubris! Liberals always believe that government has all the answers and that is why conservatives legitimately criticize this mania that liberals have to use the government to radically change society. Never mind that there is little demand for clean energy. Never mind that wind and solar are characteristically unreliable sources of energy. Take Solyndra and the Chevy Volt as examples. Solyndra was a colossus failure which was supposed to promote clean energy. More than 500 million dollars of subsidies down the toilet. The Volt is another failure, the result of crony capitalism; it barely sells because it is not reliable and very expensive. This are but 2 examples on how government tries to change an industry by fiat and ends up wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money and the only beneficiaries are usually politically connected people.

Clinton does have the statistics and numbers to back up his case but he is very selective in presenting only research that backs his case and never considers studies from Heritage, AEI or any non liberal entities.

Two stars because he is eloquent and good explainer but humble this man is not.

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