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Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin
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Sep 09, 2012

it was ok

This book gave me nightmares. It was horrible. Okay, it wasn't horribly written or horrible because of anything the author did wrong, but the story was horrible. It was about communism and it was terrifying. Neighbors were turning each other in. Families were turning each other away--refusing to help each other or even acknowledge each other. People were pointing fingers and people were being killed. And it was just this freakish witch hunt where no one was really doing anything wrong in the first place. No trial. No jury. No explaining yourself. They would interrogate you, you'd confess of course because you were being tortured to death. And then you would be killed. Terrifying. The book was super short. I think it was like 70 pages, but don't pick it up thinking it'll be funny like the title makes it sound (I thought the title sounded clever like "Al Capone does my shirts"). It makes you sick without providing any inspiration as to how it ended or how people survived and thrived. But actually Mr. Yelchin has done us a favor writing this because it gives you the clear picture that that type of government is horrific. Poor Russia.

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