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Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha
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Sep 09, 2012

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Read from September 19 to 20, 2012

ARC received from Netgalley

The only thing I knew going into this book was that it was diiiirty! It was - oh, it was. : )

There are three-somes, four-somes, F/F, exhibitionism, toys, spankings, and that's just Tuesday! (kidding - but only about the Tuesday part - the rest is totally true)

I thought this book was a solid start to a new series. The world building is set up very smoothly without any large info dumps.

The world has suffered some sort of catastrophic/apocolyptic event and is now divided into three primary areas:

1) Eden - An idyllic city full of peace, order, beauty, corruption, surveillence, and government control.

2) The Sectors - The Sectors are the city areas outside of Eden. Each controled by essentially a gang leader. Our story takes place mainly in Sector 4, under the leadership of Dallas O'Kane. He protects his people fiercly but demands total loyalty.

3) The Communes - Farm communities full of hard work and acetisism. Supplies food to Eden. Apparently the prior cataclsmic event has caused farming to be extremely difficult.

Our heroine is Noelle. A councilman's daughter from Eden, she is exiled for sampling elicit pleasures (sounds more scandalous than it is) she winds up a refugee in Sector 4.

Our hero is Jasper who is Dallas's right hand man. He is immediatly drawn to Noelle but fights with himself to give her space to find herself in this unfamiliar society.

I also really enjoyed meeting all of the secondary characters and am looking forward to their stories.

Where I struggled with this book was with feeling the emotions of our hero and heroine. Noelle has been thrust into an entirely unfamiliar world full of sex, violence, and many fewer inhibitions. I understood her confusion but I never felt like I had a clear sense of her coming to conclusions about how she felt about her new life and what she really wanted. It all happened so quickly for her that I felt like I was being told what she felt rather that experiencing the emotions along with her. As a result, some of the "dirtiness" wasn't as scorching as it could have been for me because it didn't have the intense emotions to back it up.

I also had trouble at times figuring out how much time had passed. A scene would change and I would see a reference to a week or two having passed and trying to figure out if I had missed a transition somewhere did take me out of the story a time or two.

One thing didn't hit me until about 75% through the book - there are almost no character descriptions. I didn't have a clear picture of any of the characters at the end of the book. There were decriptive snippets - someone would have silky hair or pale skin - but I was never able to put enough together to really have an idea of what anyone looked like! It was kind of nice but kind of distracting at the same time.

Overall, this was a very fun read and I will definitely be picking up the next book! I want to see Lex and Dallas get their HEA! (Not to mention Ace and Rachel - tattoo based smexytimes!)
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Ellie I'm intrigued! I've liked their PNR and I've seen several good reviews of this. Here we go! Bring on the dirty! : )

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