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Clash by Nicole  Williams
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Sep 09, 2012

it was ok
Read in September, 2012

My reaction to this one is the same as the first one, it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best.

It was the same exact thing, except now instead of being in high school, they're in college.
The description made me think that dancing would actually play a role in this book. But no. Dancing is barely mentioned, again, in this novel. Lucy dances about twice in the novel, and the rest is just her fighting about leaving or staying with Jude. Hell, Jude playing football is mentioned more than her dancing. I really don't understand why the author claims Lucy to be a good girl who loves dancing with all her heart, when you can clearly see her character is pretty much opposite.
Jude has changed, but relatively he's the same. He's toned down his anger, and is trying more on the "think before you act" approach. He's trying. That was one good point.
Lucy, on the other hand, was the same doubtful immature girl who would say one thing and do another. After a certain event that involved the "spirit sister on the cheer squad who's attached herself to Jude in just about every way a girl could", she's pissed off. With good reason, really. But Jude tells her to trust him, to believe him. He's on his knees begging for fucks sake. She doesn't, of course.
She went through book one doubting and not trusting him, planting the blame on him, and she's done it again this time.
She has no trust in him whatsoever. She'll love him, then leave him.
I honestly disliked her character a lot in the book. It was just really immature of her to act the way she did.

Another thing that bothered me was the actually possibility of there being another plot besides their love problem, and it not happening. There really was no resolution to the whole "My dad shot your brother" deal, and it was approached in this book, but it just dropped dead. This book is nothing but their love trials, and although that's good for some, the events that's happened in their pasts could have made an actual story line, and something to look forward to.
But no, all we get is a girl who runs away from everything, believing everyone else to be at fault, and a guy who's practically miserable the majority of the book.

There were minor characters in the book, and besides Thomas (who only got about 5 lines in this book but still seemed to be the most sane of them all), they were all depicted as sexy-driven maniacs. Characters that had potential, again, were shot down because of the incessant noting that they 1) Love beer 2) Love sex 3) Party like there's no tomorrow & 4) Slut it up everywhere they go.

Ugh. I just hate it when books can gain potential and it's just killed.
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JoAnn You've made all the points that I was thinking, but just didn't know how to put them to print.

message 1: by Dee (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dee ^What she said! This is a very accurate review, Madie. :)

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