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White Horse by Alex Adams
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Sep 08, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: apocalypse-now, dark-and-dingy, time-i-will-never-get-back
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The world is in ruins after a disease has killed most of the planet and a young woman is in search to find her love while everyone around her is dying of a mystery virus...yada yada yada. It's your basic post-apocalyptic, everyone-is-dead-or-dying story. Love the premise. The darker the better. And this one is dark...lots of people's great. It cleverly goes back and forth between the "Then", when everything started going to hell, and the "Now", where our heroine travels halfway across the world to find her lover boy. Eventually everything comes together nicely...almost too "are you serious?!" nicely if you ask me. I was resigned to a tragic ending which would've went well with the rest of the story, but then was punched in the face with a hasty, thrown together "where the f*@$ did that come from" happy ending that did not all. Well, if you like getting punched in the face, you'll also enjoy the endless punches of completely overdone imagery. I get it, I get it...there's a rusty lock on the door. But must you dedicate an entire paragraph to it..."A rusted padlock is a broken arm dangling from and equally oxidized latch...which leaves me with the door and hinges so old they'll sing soprano at the first touch." Yikes. Oh, that's nothing, here's another one: "His smile unfurls slowly until I'm awash in it's beam, but it's like sunshine on a winter day, impotent to the thaw of the growing freeze inside me." Did I stumble into a poetry reading?? Half the time I would forget what the hell was going on, the imagery was so darn distracting. But by all means, if you like your descriptions to take you to far away places (and by that I mean OUT of the story), you'll love this one.
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