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Embrace the Night by Karen Chance
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Dec 27, 2008

really liked it

Embrace the Adventures of Cassie Palmer

Cassandra Palmer – Cassie to her friends and Pythia to everyone else – can’t seem to find her way out of trouble.

A spell, placed on Cassie as a child, has gone horribly wrong and is causing havoc in her here and now. She needs to find the counter spell before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the spell resides in a book that most claim is a myth. And those who believe it is real would kill Cassie to stop her from finding it. And to top it all off, her allies consist of a ghost, an insane vampire, and a traitorous war mage.

Mircea is the master vampire who had the spell placed on Cassie as a child. It was supposed to be a spell to ensure her safety. However, the spell is tied to both Mircea and Cassie, and now that it has gone haywire it is driving him insane.

Pritkin is a war mage who is now being hunted by his brethren for desertion. His orders were to kill Cassie but when she became Pythia he had a change of heart. Now he insists he only wants to train and protect her. The problem is Pritkin holds so many secrets Cassie doesn’t know who or what to believe.

One thing is certain, unless they find a way to lift the spell, Cassie and Mircea may not live to see the next full moon. And through it all Cassie must learn to use her new powers while fighting off the war mages, vampires, and demons set on killing her.

Karen Chance has written another thrilling story in the third instalment of the Cassie Palmer series. Embrace the Night delivers frenzied action, energetic intrigue and a delightful dose of romance.

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