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A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read
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Sep 08, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: mystery
Read from September 09 to 14, 2012

“ ‘Always thought I’d take after Dad. He used to go up to girls at deb parties and say, ‘Excuse me, would you like to sit this one out?’’” (30).
“That close, the woman was so goddamn thin she looked like a stocking full of hangers” (31).
“By that point, of course, Dodie’s family had sold the company, embarking downstate on what I’d once heard referred to as ‘the Schlep of Tears.’ I suppose for my relatives you’d have to rename it ‘the Long Dark Cocktail Party of the Soul,’ or talk about fleeing the Trust Bowl’” (35).
“ ‘There is a God.’ I arched my back, slid the keys in my pocket.
“ ‘Sure,’ she said, swinging her long legs out of the truck, ‘he’s malicious’” (112).
“He’d asked the dice for Brando but thrown a Jack LaLanne” (114).
“By Monday night I was wallowing in the mood pool’s deep end” (130).
“ ‘Good God.’ She frowned at Ellis. ‘That’s not a haircut, that’s birth control’” ((152).
“I was stripped back so pure to lizard brain that I hated her for it” (153).
“People started leaking out of the houses along the street.
“I brushed a fly away from my face, thought about where else it might have landed recently, and felt distinctly unwell” (205).
“ ‘I never say I told you so. Best way to increase your life expectancy’” (213).
“Fuck-you clothes. I-needn’t-dirty-my-hands-with-employment clothes—the kind that quietly let you know the wearer’s dividends roll in like clockwork and he lives damn high on a hog you’ll never make the acquaintance of” (218).
“ ‘I don’t have the moral fiber for wealth. I’d start taking Ayn Rand literally andimplode with a noxious bang. Too self-centered’” (222).


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