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Outpost by Ann Aguirre
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Sep 07, 2012

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Outpost goes along at a slower pace than Enclave, much to its detriment. It had a more cumbersome feeling than the first book, and all of the entangled romance bits just served to mostly frustrate me. On the other hand, it picked up towards the end, becoming more like the smooth, exciting book the first had been.

This entire book centers around Deuce and the rest of the gang's integration into the town of Salvation; especially Deuce's struggle to find a place for herself in a town where women and men have clear, separate roles. There's also the very prominent side plot of Deuce and Fade's (and Stalker's) relationship and their up and down relationship with one another.

And so it's slow. While there are are bits of action, it's not as much as the first book. You spend a lot of time with Deuce not fitting in with her Huntress mindset, who doesn't want to fit in because she knows what she's good at and what she can do--and none of that fits in with what Salvation's people think is proper for a female. It's a tired trope that isn't exactly made new in this book. Neither is the romantic triangle between Deuce, Fade, and Stalker. To be honest, I don't mind romantic triangles for the most part, but there is something about the triangle in this book that serves to irritate me greatly.

While I enjoyed Fade's presence in the first book, he fell by a great height in this one. He's sullen, possessive, and most of his and Deuce's issues could have been worked out right at the start if they bothered to talk to one another. Not that Deuce is blameless either, but Fade bore the brunt of most of my frustration. Stalker, however, grew on me from the last book. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. He's a bit too persistent, but he'll also guard Deuce's back no matter what.

What I liked best about the book were the scraps of information you learn about the Freaks, and watching the Freaks start thinking and learning, becoming that much more formidable, was interesting. Too bad that most of the book was swallowed in the drama that is Deuce's relationships and Salvation, which was boring for the most part.

It felt like a middle book. The end was a rush and a set up for the next book, which is good because I wasn't so pleased with Outpost until then. You don't get any answers. Instead, you get a whole new bunch of questions. It was a bit of a disappointment after having read the first book. Hopefully the next one gives readers a bit more in the way of new information. Overall, the majority of the book fell into the 2 star range for me. However, the end of the book and the way it picked up was good and was closer to 4 stars. So I'm going to average it out to a decent 3 stars.
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