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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Sep 07, 2012

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I read these books out of order, but Shadows gives us a little insight as to why Daemon is such a jerk in Obsidian. Dawson, Daemon, and Dee are triplets, as well as aliens. I wasn't really sold on the alien idea, but Armentrout pulls it off nicely. They are Luxen from the planet Luxen. When their home was destroyed they were forced to find a new one. Earth was the closest thing resembling their home, and has since been inhabited by their kind. Their home was destroyed by the Arum, their enemy and opposite. They are dark, shadows compared to the Luxen's light. If the Arum are able to kill a Luxen, they can take their powers as their own. Dawson knows immediately after meeting Beth that their is something different about her. They are each drawn to one another, and Dawson is willing to risk the problems that being with a human can cause. Beth has no idea why, or how she knows but she has a connection with Dawson she can't ignore.

Being with a human in anything but a casual fling is not allowed. There are too many risks, too many ways for their kind to be exposed. Dawson is willing to risk being an outcast to be with Beth. When the inevitable happens and he exposes himself, he is floored by how accepting she is. Of course she is stunned that her boyfriend is an alien, but realizes that he is still the same person.. er alien. While hiking one day, Beth falls off one of the rocks and doesn't make it. Dawson is so distraught, and instinctually heals her. He has no idea how he knew to do it, or what it means for either of them. From that point on they have a connection, but aren't ever able to share their secret. A few days later they are surrounded by the Arum, and neither one of them come out alive.

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