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Smashed by Lisa Luedeke
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Sep 07, 2012

it was ok
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Read on September 07, 2012

This is the second below four star review I have written and I really thought this one was going to be good. I will admit that I didn't really read the synopsis because I was so in LOVE with the cover, I don't know why I love it so much but it's so different so I thought it was going to be a a good read. Unfortunately this book fell flat for me in so many ways. The characters were so weird, Katie's moods were unstable/unpredictable and the story was just SO DEPRESSING I couldn't really get through some parts!

The story is about a girl name Katie who lives in a small town in Maine, whose parents are both alcoholics. Her dad abandoned her and little brother Will, he just up and left and never came back. Katie's dad leaving has changed not only Katie but her mother also. Katie's mom isn't really a mom because she is never home to care for them, basically Katie has an F*cked up life and her life begins to go out of control once she meets Alec, the popular jock in school.

It took me forever to read this book and it was a little painful but here is a little descriptions of the characters in the book.

Katie: Such a weak character! Okay, I know your dad left you and didn't come back but GET OVER IT! Just because your dad left doesn't mean you have to let dudes walk all over you! I really wanted to climb through the book and smack you around knowing that you have been abused enough :( I wanted to pull my hair out on everything she did! I mean is there really girls out there like this??? Well I'm glad I am not one of them *raises fist*.

Alec: I have NEVER HATED someone from a book so much in my life! Alec was such a jerk! Katie if you need to hire a hit man to take him out, I am just the girl to do it lol. What is wrong with you??? How could you!!!!! I was hoping you would die suddenly somewhere in the book so I could actually enjoy one part of the book. I HATE YOU!!

Matt: I was really rooting for you. I thought you would help Katie out in the situation she was in but you failed. I wanted you and Katie to be together at least and that didn't even happen. You were just a waste as a character and thought you shouldn't of been in the book.

As you can tell I didn't like ANY of the characters in this book, I just couldn't relate to them and I also couldn't get into the story which didn't make any since all together. I don't want to say everyone wont like this book because I guess there are girls that can relate to Katie or the story in some type of way. I'm just not weak and I don't enjoy reading about weak characters! That's all I have to say.

Rating: SF for SNOOZE FEST

-Alice <3
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Addie R. ohnooo. D; I had high hopes for this one. >.<

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