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State of Fear by Michael Crichton
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Dec 26, 2008

it was amazing

Great book - just look at all the footnotes this man did the research. What i learned? -- Global Warming & Climate change what a myth -- think about it -- we little man can change so much -- i really think not .. and we have no hard empirical data --- lets not get all caught up in the hype. Be responsible with what we do, but what the current group of climate change folk are proposing is just not going to work -- changing light bulbs?? a florescent bulb doesn't even begin to save any $$ unless you leave it on for 15min or more& what do you do when you break one??? Come on people follow the $$$ -- who is making the profit from all the things they want to mandate we change?? Wind won't work it's a blight on the countryside and what do you do when the wind doesn't blow? Watch out for falling sheets of ice from those propellors in the northern climes and lets count the dead birds beneath those towers? Don't be sucked into the madness. Be responsible with what we use, how we use it and lets use what we have here in our own USA.

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