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The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
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Apr 10, 07

I had high hopes for this book, but in the end was a little disappointed. It seems towards the end of the book he lost track of where he was going with it all and just ended it, although maybe this says more about my lack of getting his point than it does about his writing style. One thing he does have though is energy, and that helped in keeping me interested. I also think the "power of one" is a rather funny concept considering the main character, Peekay, who supposedly possesses (or cultivates) this power owes much of it all to the support he has from many friends, mostly adults. People who took the time and energy and love to support him and promote him, mind, body, and spirit. His power of one is only possible from the love and care of many. And it makes me sad that the story ended with a story of revenge, i think it cheapens the story. So, to conclude all of these random comments, I think that the story had a lot of potential and there were some good things about it, but I think it could have been better executed and I'm not quite sure I agree with the philosophy behind the whole thing.
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message 1: by John (new)

John Ms. Toups,

did you see the accompanying movie? Although quite different (and worse in some places), it may offer an alternative that addresses your criticisms, particularly about the book's ending.

(plus the visuals are pretty amazing, or were to me-as-six-year-old.)

Megan Actually, the movie was the reason I wanted to see the book. We watched it in Sociology my senior year in high school and parts of it had stuck with me. I guess I liked the story told in the movie much more than the one in the book, at least as I remember it (that was six years ago now). Have you read the book as well?

Brad Glad to see sommeone was bothered by the ending. Most people I know were totally satisfied.

Steve Moseley I completely agree

Bella I have to say that with all your semicolons and intentionally formed sentences, I'd rather eat dirt than re-read your review, but I've read the book four times.

Devin It doesn't end there... there's a sequel. Tandia.

Beth I totally agree with your comment. The ending cheapened the book.

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