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Clash by Nicole  Williams
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Sep 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read on September 08, 2012

Wow. For once the sequel might just have been better than the first. Though admittedly I wanted to punch Lucy in the face on more than one occasion I did love the fact that it was her Mom's words of wisdom to finally knock some sense into the girl (my Mom was always the one that could get through to me and I miss her more than anything for that reason). I also love that while the epilogue is a satisfying peek into the very not to distant future, I'm happy it doesn't wrap up the story completely leaving it open for either A. a third installment (yes oh lord please and thank you with a cherry on top) or B. If not a third book than at least enough of a happy ending with room to fill in the blanks with my imagination ending for Jude and Lucy.

I loved that Jude was unwavering to a fault. I loved that Adriana bimbo got her ass beat and wasn't even remotely enough to sway Jude's eyes--though please how can be get all bent out of shape when Thomas is helping Lucy out of her costume but he can kiss that skank on the cheek right in front of Lucy (and the entire stadium crowd) to get his helmet, when we all know he could just snatch out of her skanky hands, and not allow Lucy the same unadulterated jealous rage eh!? I loved that Lucy came to the right choice even though she took her sweet ass time about it. And I am most happy that Jude and Lucy got down and dirty in the hospital bed with Jude going all boss and ripping out his IV and tubes. Yes please! I really loved that he had a ring for her around his neck and it was awesome because while I secretly hoped a proposal was in the future I for once didn't expect it until the moment he said he had something to ask her on the 50 yard line--swoon much!

So Thank You Nicole Williams for a mind blowing love story that reminds me why I still love and cherish young adult books even as I close the gap on 30 years old. I salute you!

And on a side not, my husband and I also have the name Jude set aside for a future son's name for the very same reason you chose Jude and Lucy for these characters. The Beatles simply rock.

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6.0% "Well I can tell already the angst is going to be in full effect with this one...Jude and Lucy had better get it on in this book soon! lol"

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